Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 4,5,6 Study Guide

What are Benvolio and Mercutio doing as the scene opens? Looking for Romeo to show him Tybalt’s letter to duel with Romeo.
To what do they attribute Romeo’s strange behavior? Romeo being in love with Rosaline.
What new occurrence in the Montague/Capulet feud does Mercutio and Belvolio know about that Romeo has not yet learned of? Tybalt challenged Romeo to a duel. Romeo has not learned of Tybalt’s challenge.
How does Romeo respond to Mercutio’s jokes and gibes in lines 45-61? Romeo plays along with it, his jokes are better than Mercutio. He jokes back
What conclusions does Mercutio reach about Romeo from the changes in Romeo’s mood? He’s back to his old self and they think his new love is over the top. Something good has happened to him.
Whose message does the Nurse deliver to Romeo? The first message delivered by the Nurse is her own: (She tells him not to take advantage of Juliet). The second message delivered by the Nurse is when threatens him again to not be a two-timer (Stay with Juliet; No cheating).
What does the Nurse say to Romeo? Juliet wants to know if he still wants to get married. Romeo relays the time and informs the Nurse he has made the vow to get married.
What scheme (plan) has Romeo devised? First they will go to confession, as to cover up the marriage.
What proverb does the Nurse quote? Two may keep counsel putting one away.
What is the nurses point? If have a secret tell no one.
What is ironic about the nurse’s question concerning Balthazar’s trustworthiness? The nurse is a blabber mouth.
What is Romeo’s servant going to give the Nurse? A rope ladder.
In what length of time did the nurse promise is to return? 30 minutes
How long did poor Juliet wait for the nurse to return? 3 hours
In what way according to Juliet could the nurse be a better messenger? On time-the Nurse who is taking so long. She could be faster
The nurse puts off answering Juliet questions about the marriage plans with 4 excuses what are they? She is tired; Her bones ache; Asking her if shes eaten yet; Her body/head aches.
Why do you think the nurse makes so many excuses? She is teasing Juliet, she likes attention.
What praise does the nurse give Romeo? He is good looking gentle and kind.
What is the Nurse’s complaint about Romeo? Not courteous because he called her fat. His manners are poor.
At the end of the scene where is the Nurse going? To get the rope ladder.
At the end of the scene where is the Juliet going? She goes to confession.
Are friar Laurence first two lines a statement or prayer? How do you know? Prayer; Romeo answered him.
What does Romeo say about death in lines 7-8? Death devours Love.
What warning does friar Laurence gives in lines 9-15? They need to love moderately if they don’t it could blow up in their faces.
What does Romeo ask Juliet upon her arrival at the friar’s cell? Put her love into words.
How does Juliet respond to Romeo’s question? Words are not necessary know how to feel.
Heralds- Why does Juliet think it would be better if Love’s heralds were thoughts? Romeo could be informed and reply immediately instead of the Nurse who is taking so long.
A reflection on the concept of “Love at First Sight”? Romeo describes Juliet as a source of light, like a star, against the darkness.