Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Questions

What do the last two lines of the prologue mean: “But passion lends them the power, time, means to meet,/ TEMPERING EXTREMITIES WITH EXTREME SWEET”? It means that difficulties will make the future seem brighter.
The capitalized phrase is an example of what drama term? It is a paradox because difficult things are not sweet.
Scene 1 Summary Mercutio and Benvolio start searching for Romeo. Mercutio makes fun of Romeo and then Benvolio decides he doesn’t want ot be found. They go home.
Benvolio tells us that Romeo went where after the party? He tells us that he goes over the fence.
Scene 2 Summary Romeo meets with Juliet. He sneaks into her balcony/backyard while “thinking” about his love. He overhears her confessing her love for him. He then reveals himself and proclaims his love for her. They do some lovey dovey things and then the nurse interrupts them causing Romeo to quickly propose to Juliet. They promise to keep in touch the day after so they can talk about the wedding plans.
Which character speaks these famous words: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet….doff thy name, and for that name, which is no part of thee, take all myself” Explain what he/she is saying here. Juliet says the quote and she means that a title does not change who you really are. It’s like calling a chair a lamp. It’s still a chair.
Why does Juliet object to Romeo’s swearing on the moon? She objects to Romeo’s swearing on the moon because the moon always changes. She doesn’t want his love to be inconsistent.
Juliet asks Romeo to send her word of what tomorrow? She tells him to send her the marriage plans.
Scene 3 Summary Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence so he can get married with Juliet. At first, Friar Lawrence thought he had finally hooked up with Rosaline. Then when he finds out it’s a new girl, he is shocked with the sudden change of love. He eventually agrees to marry them two to end their family feud, NOT FOR LOVE.
Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry the young couple secretly? He agrees because it may end up ending their bloody family feud.
Scene 4 Summary Benvolio and Mercutio ponder about where Romeo could be. Mercutio decides to duel against Tybalt when he sees the letter addressed to Romeo (crashing the party, you must die). Romeo comes back and they talk dirty. Then the Nurse comes by to talk to Romeo and Mercutio sexually talks to her and is being perverse. Benvolio and Mercutio eventually leave and Romeo tells the Nurse the plans for the marriage.
What news does Romeo give the Nurse to take back to Juliet? How does the Nurse react to the news? Romeo says to the Nurse that Juliet should come to the confession that afternoon. He will marry her there. The Nurse is happy for Juliet.
Scene 5 Summary Juliet waits for the Nurse to come back. The Nurse comes back and she starts playing with Juliet as she desperately wants to know the plans. Then finally the Nurse tells her the news and Juliet is excited.
The Nurse puts off telling Juliet the important news from Romeo. Make an inference as to why she may have done that. I think she was trying to make it dramatic and playful. I mean she liked Romeo as a suitor for Juliet.
Scene 6 Summary Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence that afternoon and Friar warns Romeo about not being too hasty. They get married.
What event are Romeo, Juliet, and the Friar about to take part in as they leave Scene 6. The wedding.
Which characters know of Romeo and Juliet’s secret marriage? Romeo, Juliet, the Nurse, Friar Lawrence