Romeo and Juliet Act 2 important quotations

simile O, speak again, bright angel, for thou art/ As glorious to this night, being o’er my head,/ As is a winged messenger of heaven (Lit. Element?)
metaphor He jests at scars that never felt a wound (Lit. Element?)
Why are you a Montague? Seriously? O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? (Paraphrase)
A name doesn’t define a person. A name is just a name, a label. That which we call we a roseBy any other word would smell as sweet (Paraphrase)
metaphor With love’s light wings did i o’erprech these walls/ For stony limits cannot hold love out (Lit. Element?)
metaphor O, do not swear by the moon, th’ inconstant moon/ That monthly changes in her circled orb/ lest that thy prove likewise variable (Lit. Element?)
Since I speak to her at night, this must be just an amazing dream and surreal Being in night, all this is but a dream/ too flattering sweet to be substantial (Paraphrase)
Walking away from Juliet would be the same heartache as walking towards school, ugh. But love from love, toward school with heavy looks (Paraphrase)
Foreshadowing Yet I shall kill thee with much cherishing (Lit. Element?)
My Juliet, sweet dreams. I cannot have any of that now being so overwhelmed by what has happened here. I’ll go to Friar Laurence for counsel and help. Sleep dwell upon thine eyes, peace in the breast/ Would I were sleep and peace so sweet to rest/ Hence will I to my ghostly friar’s close cell/ His help to crave and my dear hap to tell (Paraphrase)
Something good being misused can turn bad. Yet, something considered bad can be used for good. Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied/ and vice sometime by action dignified. (Paraphrase)
A union of marriage between their houses could end the animosity. For this alliance may so happy prove/ To turn household’s rancor to pure love (Paraphrase)
metaphor By love, that first did prompt me to inquire./ He lent me counsel, and I lent him eyes. (Lit. Element?)
characterization Why, that same pale hard-hearted wrench, that Rosaline. (Lit. Element?)
characterization Good Peter, to hide her face, for her fan’s the fairer face (Lit. Element)
oxymoron Parting is such sweet sorrow (Lit. Element?)
Let’s just sllooowwww down. Why such haste? This isn’t rational at all. Well, do not swear. Although I joy in thee,/ I have no joy of this contract tonight./ It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden,/ Too like the lightning, which doth cease to be. (Paraphrase)
I need to here you vow your love. Tomorrow, we shall marry. “Th’ exchange of thy love’s faithful vow for mine.” What happens when Juliet returns?
Thematic topic of destiny/fate Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast. (Lit Element?)
characterization (of Romeo) Holy Saint Francis, what change is here! Is Rosaline, that thou didst love so dear,/ So soon forsaken? (Lit. Element?)
The Nurse cautions Romeo to be true, honest, and genuine with Juliet. For the gentlewoman is young; and therefore, if you should deal double with her, truly it were an ill thing to be offered to any gentlewoman, and very weak dealing. (Paraphrase)
Love consciously. View love as an intentional act and not merely a passing emotion. Therefore love moderately. Long love doth so./ Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow. (Paraphrase)
foreshadowing Do thou but close our hands with holy words, /Then love-devouring death do what he dare,/, It is enough I may but call her mine. (Lit. Element?)
personification Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,Who is already sick and pale with griefThat thou her maid art far more fair than she. (Lit. Element?)