Romeo and Juliet Act 2

Why does romeo jump over the wall into the capulets orchard to see juliet
why do mercutio and benvolio think romeo has left them so suddenly crying over rosaline
why does juliet want romeo to have some other name because its an enemy name
when juliet discovers that romeo is under he balcony, what does she fear that he heard her and that they will be caught and killed
how does romeo respond to her fear tells her he is more scared not knowing she loves him
why does juliet distrust the love she and romeo share they are falling too sudden
what vow does juliet make to romeo to marry him
what words would you use to describe juliet’s character impatient, anxious
what does romeo ask frair lawrence to do to marry them
what concerns does friar laurence have about romeo and juliets relationship happening too fast, foreshadowing death
how does romeo say his love differs from his love for rosaline mutual love
why does friar agree to help he thinks it might bring peace between the families
why has tybalt sent a letter to romeos house to challenge him to a duel
what warning does the nurse give if you treat her poorly there will be consequences
what message does romeo give the nurse to tell juliet to go to confession
what change in romeos mood does mercutio notce happy
how does the nurse feel as she departs from romeo likes romeo but likes paris more
at the beginning of scene 5 why is juliet annoyed because the nurse is late to tell her what the plans are, and she wont tell her
why is the nurse slow to give juliet the information she is tired and has sore muscles
what fears does the friar have in scene 6 death from their marrige
what does the friar say the must do quickly get married