Romeo and Juliet Act 1 TEST

why do Sampson and Gregory fight with Montague’s men? They are fighting for their maser, who is a capulet
Benvolio and Tybalt come upon the servants fighting. How do they react to the fight? Benvolio tries to break it up, but Tybalt wants them to fight
When Montague and Capulet enter and see the disturbance, they want to fight, too. What do their wifes say? The old men should stop fighting
What ended the opening skirmish? The prince threatens death if they fought. the townspeople agreed: down with the Montagues and the Capulets
Why is Romeo so sad? Rosaline doesn’t love him back. Call unrequited love.
How many children do the Capulets have? 1- Juliet
In act 1 scene 2, Paris asks Capulet for Juliet’s hand in marriage. What is Capulet’s reply? Wait 2 years because Juliet is too young. (14 years old at the time)
Why does Romeo decide to go to the feast even though, being a Montague, he is not invited? He wants to see Rosaline because she was invited.
Describe Juliet’s relatisonship with her family in Act 1. She is obedient to her family. They have a good relationship and she always tries to please them.
ADD 5 QUOTES that we go over on in class
Tybalt pugnaciousthinks romeo is a villainhates the montaguesjuliet’s cousin
Benvolio peacemaker (understanding)reveals how Romeo’s behavior has been recentlyhelpful, like Romeos mentor
Prince Escalus punishes rebelsnice/orderlythe fights between the capulets and the montagues disturb himconcernedhave deserving punishmentscontrolling
Lord Capulet good hosttenacious, welcominglet Romeo into the party even though they were enemiesinvolved in the fight
Count Paris arranged to marry Julietfriend of the princesame status as the capulet & Juliet
Juliet daughter of Capuletfell in love with romeokissed romeoromeo is owed to his enemyyoung, innocent
Romeo was in love with Rosalinedoes not plan to danceimmediately fell in love with Julietson of great enemy; Juliets familyRomantic of love
Nurse outgoing, loud, boisterousvery comical (comic relief)tells Romeo and Juliet about each other her and lady capulet doing clickreally cares about juliet like a daughter
Mercutio talks about Queen Mab and dreamstries to convince Romeo to danceskeptical of lovedoesnt believe in dreams
setting of the play verona, Italy (a public place)
intial action of the Act 1 sonnet- 14 line poem in the prologue of act 1
how does the fight begin between the servants of both houses sampson and gregory bite their thumbs at the other servants
what does gregorys speech about the role of women in the fued? what theme does this conversation help to develop or present? why/ how? that women are weaker. masculine vs. feminine
Describe Benevolio in one word peaceful (peacemaker)
describe tybalt in one word pugnacious
by the time the Prince arrives who is involved in the fight? what punishment does the Prince threaten? Capulet, Montague, and their servantsdeath is the threat
what does benevolio reveal about romeos recent behavior and why is old montague concerned about his son? his behavior is depressed and he is not acting like a normal boy
what is bothering Romeo and what advice does Benvolio give Romeo the girl he loves cant love him and his advice is to move on (unrequited love)
why has Paris come to see capulet? to ask to marry Juliet
what is capulets answer to paris? no! she is way too young. (14) has to wait until she is 16.
what is benvolios home for romeo at the party? to find another woman
how does the nurse feel about juliet? what evidence led you to this conclusion she feels as if she raised Juliet. She loves her like a daughter. she told that she was always there for her when her own mother (lady capulet) was not
what does juliet mean when she describes marriage as “…an honor that i dream not of”? she doesnt want to get married and has never even thought about it
what merits does paris have according to lady capulet? lady capulet wants juliet to marry him. he is a gentleman and they are in the same class.
what does juliet say she will try to do? she will try to like paris
what does mercutio suggest that romeo do at the party? hoe does romeo answer? dance with girls. he doesnt want to dance/ he is upset due to rosaline
wht does mercutio say about dreams? he believes that they are just a fantasy
what does romeo believe as a result of his dream? he fears that there will be a disaster on that night and an untimely death may occur.
what do romeos mixed feelings about going to the party foreshadow? that he thinks he is going to die. (that is the untimely death)
what does romeos final comment “but he that hath the steerage of my course direct my sail” mean? he is being leaded and told what to do. his life is in GODS hands
what kind of host is capulet? how does he greet the gate crashers? he is a good host. he welcomes everyone kindly.
describe romeos reaction to seeing juliet for the first time. what does romeo compare her to? he instantly falls in love with her. compares her to brightness.
how does tybalt recognize romeo? what does capulet suggest tybalt do? how does tybalt respond to this request? by his voice. dont do anything; leave him alone. tybalt listens to capulet even though he doesnt like it and he claims he wants revenge.
explain how romeo and juliets first meeting is like a religious experience romeo refers to juliet as a saint. references to holy actions like pilgrimage and dissolving the sin by kissing him
once the nurse reveals to romeo juliets identity what is his reaction? his life is in debt to the capulets
how does juliet react to the discovery that romeo is a montague? she has to learn how to love her family’s enemy
what is clearly established at the end of act 1? that their families are enemies so there is a conflict ( juliet and romeo )
foil when characters contrast eachother
Benvolio and tybalt foil- peacemaker and pugnacious
Romeo and Mercutio foil- Romantic of love and skeptical of love
lady capulet and nurse foil- seriou and comical
“if you ever disturb our streets again, your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace” -Prince if they ever disturb the streets an in fighting, the prince will kill them
“what, draw and talk of peace? I hate the word, as i hate hell, all Montages, and thee. Have at thee coward!” -Tybalt tybalt is pugnacious. he hates peace and all montagues. he is like ‘lets fight!'”
“my will to her consent is but a part; and she agreed, eithin her scope of choice lies my consent and fair according voice” -Capulet talking to Paris about him marrying Juliet and that he has a say in what happens.
“compare her face with some that I shall show, and I will make thee think thy swan a crow” -Benvolio compare Rosaline’s face to someone else at the feast and you will think rosaline is much less attractive compared to the other girl
“By my count, I was your mother must upon these years that you are now a maid” -Lady Capulet talking yo Juleit about the nurse raised her and such
“… my mine misgives some consequence yet hanging in the stars shall bitterly begin his fearful date with this night’s revels…” – Romeo this decision of going to the feast will lead to his death, which was the consequence hanging in the stars
“i will withdraw; but this intrusion shall now seeming sweet convert to bitterest gall” -Tybalt he will hold off for now, but he will get Romeo later
“my only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown and known too late! Prodigious birth of love is it to me…” -Juliet At first she hated the montagues, but then after seeing Romeo, her hate turned to love