Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Scene 5

Romeo and his friends enter where as what is happening? At Capulet’s house, Romeo and his friends enter as preparations are being made for the dance
What is happening inside the Capulet house while Romeo and his friends are sneaking into the feast? The musicians are tuning up, and the servants are hurrying to clear away the remains of the feast
What is Lord Capulet doing when guests are entering the feast? Capulet enters, greets the masked strangers, and invites them to dance
When Romeo sees Juliet for the first time, what does he say? Romeo sees Juliet and says to himself that this is the first time that he’s seen true beauty
What does Tybalt do when he sees Romeo? But what does Capulet say? Tybalt recognizes Romeo and sends for his sword, but Capulet orders Tybalt to do nothing
What does Tybalt say about the next time that he sees Romeo? Saying that he’ll make Romeo pay, Tybalt leaves
When Romeo comes over to Juliet, what happens? Romeo holds Juliet’s hand, and begs a kiss, which she gives him. They kiss again, and then both are called away
At the end of the feast, what happens between Romeo and Juliet? As everyone is leaving, they each learn the name of the other, and they each exclaim upon the fate that has made each fall in love with his/her enemy