Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 3 Study Guide Questions

What is the nurse’s relationship with Juliet? She cares a lot about Juliet, and is like a mother to her.
How would you describe the nurse’s personality? Kind, caring and loving, but also smothering
What is the nurse’s one wish for Juliet and why? Her wish is to live to see Juliet be married. She wants this because she loves Juliet, and wants to see her be happily married.
How does Romeo’s speech about loving Rosaline compare to his speech about loving Juliet? In the speech about Rosaline, he seems very confused about his love for her. He thinks that love is hurtful. In the speech about Juliet, he seems happier and talks about her true beauty. In the speech about Rosaline, he seems negative about love, but in the speech about Juliet, he talks about how beautiful love really is.
When Lady Capulet asks Juliet how she feels about getting married, what is her answer? What does this reveal about her character? She says it is an honor that she does not wish to have, meaning she really doesn’t want to get married. This reveals that Juliet is not quite mature enough to be married, and she is unsure and confused.
What does the nurse see in Paris, and what does it reveal about her attitude towards love and marriage? She sees that he is perfect and flawless; a perfect man for Juliet to marry. This reveals that the nurse is pushy, but she still wants Juliet to be happy.
Explain Juliet’s answer when asked if she can love Paris. What does it reveal about her knowledge of being in love? What is her attitude towards love and marriage? She says that she will go and try to love him, but she will not force herself to fall in love. This reveals she does know something about being in love, and she knows not to force herself into something she doesn’t want. Her attitude about marriage is that she is in no rush, and she will get married when she is ready.