Romeo and Juliet (Act 1, Scene 2)

Who are the characters in this scene? Capulet, Paris (kinsman to the King), Peter (Capulet servant), Benvolio, and Romeo.
What is discussed between Capulet and Paris? Capulet is happy that Paris would like to marry Juliet (Capulet’s daughter). Capulet asks for him to wait two years because she is only 13. He says he’ll have a party so that Paris can “woo” her.
What does Capulet ask Peter (the servant) to do? invite the people on the list to the masquerade party.
Why does Peter have difficulty following out the task? He cannot read.
Who does Peter ask for help? Romeo and Benvolio help him read the list.
Who does Romeo see written on the invitation list? Rosaline, his love interest and the most beautiful woman in Verona.
Who does Peter invite that is not on the list? Romeo and Benvolio (and Peter says as long as they’re no Montagues…that is Shakespearean Comedy).
Romeo and Benvolio are Montegues, why do they decide to go to the party of the Capulets? Romeo wants to go because he wants to see Rosaline, and Benvolio wants to go so that Romeo could see many beautiful women and help Romeo forget Rosaline.
Shakespeare, in this scene, tells us what about males and females in Verona? That males have more power than females. Juliet is under her father’s control and he can choose her husband.
Who does Capulet what his daughter to marry? Paris. He is the relative of the Prince…this marriage will give Capulet more power.
This scene prepares us for “what chance meeting”? We are prepared for the meeting of Romeo and Juliet at the party.
What influence do parents play in this time period? Parents play a very strong role, they can dictate (force) their children to do what they want and children must obey. Parents can arrange the marriages of their children.
Is Capulet portrayed as a kind man and father in this scene? He appears kind, but we already know his hatred for the Montagues and we know Romeo and Juliet are going to die tragically, so we know that Capulet’s anger/hatred will be a cause for his daughter’s tragic death. (Fate-cannot stop what is going to happen).
Another word for “fate”? Destiny- what will happen, will happen, cannot stop it.