Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Scene 1 Quiz

Where does this scene take place? Verona / Italy
Which families are fighting? Montaque and Capulet
What warning does the Prince make after the street brawl? You fight you die, he murders both families to execution (death, torture)
When is the story taking place? 14th century
How are Benvolio and Tybalt alike and different? Both are nephews of the big families, young boys, same rank. However, Benvolio is a peacemaker and Tybalt is a troublemaker(Hothead).
Why is Romeo upset? He is in love with Rosaline, but she has promised chasity (To remain a virgin for the rest of her life)
What has Romeo been doing that shows how upset he is? He stays alone in his room away from everyone and shuts out the sunlight
What puns are used between Benvolio and Romeo Aim, markman, mark, hit, miss, archery
What does Benvolio suggest he do about it? Forget about her, find someone else
List 9 oxymorons Romeo uses to describe love Brawling love, feather of lead, sick health, bright smoke, cold fire, still waking sleep, serious vanity, loving hate, nothing first created
What problem do the servants have with delivering the invitations They can’t read nor write
What does Benvolio say to convince Romeo to go to the party? That Rosaline will be there, giving Romeo a chance to compare her to more beautiful women
What kind of mood is Romeo in on the way to the party? Depressed
What pun is used in the play? Cupid / Queen mab
What is Character foil? A character that has opposite traits compared to another character in the story
Which is the household that always picks on fights? Capulets
What is an oxymoron? Using two words that mean the opposite to describe something
What is Iambic Pantameter? Unit of verse with 10 syllables per line, one unstressed, and one stressed
What is Aside? Line spoken by an actor which is not heard by the characters in the story
What is a pun? A joke that contrasts the different meanings of a word
What is a Sonnet? A 14 line poem originated by Shakespeare
Who are the guys that want to sneakily start a fight against the Montagues at the start of the story? Sampson and Gregory
Who insults Abram? What does he do? Sampson, bites his thumb
What households do Romeo, Benvolio, and Abraham belong to? Montague
Who prevents the Montagues and the Capulets from breaking out? (fighting) Prince Escalus and the wives of the lords.
Who is the son of Lady Montague? Romeo
Did the parents of Romeo knew why he was depressed? No
Is “Benvolio” Romeo’s cousin? Yes
Who was Romeo’s first love? Rosaline
What was the problem with the relationship of Romeo and Rosaline? Rosaline didn’t like Romeo back
What does Benvolio do to “stop” the fighting? He draws his sword in front of the Capulets
What is the reason Romeo agrees to the party? Because Rosalina is there