Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 1

How does shakespeare start the play so that he gains he attention of the “groundling” fight, dirty jokes, puns
What does the conversation between Sampson and Gregory reveal about the Capulet’s and the Montague’s That the hatred goes all the way down to the sevants
Benvolio’s name is from the Latin meaning “well” what do we know when we first meet him what is revealed about his character that he is the peacekeeper
Tybolt names comes from the word meaning “bold” when we first meet him what is revealed about his character that he is evil, hates peace, fighter not a lover
What is a character foil? two characters that are the opposite from each other
Give and example of a character foil Benvolio and Tybalt
How do the two families react upon seeing each other They want to fight
Who is Escalus and what is his power over the two families? What is the new decree he has made? He is the prince and has all control. The next person to fight is dead.
How has Romeo been acting? Does his family know he has been acting this way? crying, sighing, locking himself in his room. No
When we first see Romeo he shows all the signs of a Petrarchan Lover- someone who is in love with the idea of being in love. How does Romeo act in lines 152-186 depressed he loves someone who doesn’t love him back
When describing his feeling to Benvolio Romeo uses oxymorons why? He is very confused
In line 200 Romeo uses mythological allusions to make a point. Why does he refer to Cupid and Diane in this line He is pointing out what’s wrong with the girl he’s in love with
What suggestion does Benvolio make to help him forget the other woman? To find a new girl
How does Romeo act to his advice? Says the other woman aren’t good enough they aren’t like her.
What does Benvolio promise Romeo That he will find him another girl.
What kind of parents do you think the Montagues are? Caring and loving because they were concerned about Romeo being depressed and locking himself in his room