Romeo and Juliet (Act 1)

Verona, Italy Which town is play set? Which country?
People didn’t like surprises and it made the reader more curious to figure out why and how they die. In beginning of story, readers are told that Romeo and Juliet are going die. Why does Shakespeare do this?
Sampson will not kill anyone today; using puns What does Sampson mean when he says he won’t “carry coals?” What literary technique is being used?
An insult In Shakespearean times, biting your thumb was…
Montague Is Benvolio a Montague or Capulet?
He is too old Why doesn’t Lady Capulet want her husband getting involved in the fight?
3 fights How many fights have there been recently?
Prince threatens death Why is the fight stopped?
Locked in his room being moody; unrequited love for Rosaline How has Romeo recently been spending his days?
Cold fire, loving hate, heavy lightness What are 3 oxymorons Romeo uses to describe conflict between his family and Capulets?
Both families are the same but hate each other. How is the family feud oxymoronic?
Told her loving words, looked into her eyes, and gave her gifts What are 3 romantic strategies Romeo attempted to use to woo Rosaline?
She rejects love and believes in chastity (is a “nun”) Why doesn’t Rosaline like Romeo?
Get his mind off Rosaline by looking at other women What does Benvolio tell Romeo to do in order to forget about Rosaline?
Paris asks to marry Juliet What “suit” does Paris bring to Capulet?
13 How old is Juliet?
Capulet says Juliet is too young (wait 2 years) What is Capulet’s response to Paris’ “suit?”
Because he does not want Juliet to become corrupted by becoming a wife and mother too early (maybe like his wife was) Why is Capulet willing to take Juliet’s feelings about marriage into consideration?
He can’t read; invites Benvolio and Romeo to party Why is Capulet’s servant upset about his task?
Benvolio wants Romeo to meet new women. Romeo wants to go because Rosaline will be there. Why does Benvolio want to go to party? Why does Romeo?
He says he will get an eye infection. Shows that he is stubborn What does Romeo say will happen if they find someone other than Rosaline at the party? What does this show about him?
It is about how Nurse breastfed Juliet as a baby; showing how she basically raised Juliet and was a mother figure to her. What is Nurse’s first story about Juliet?
About Juliet falling as a toddler and her and her husband telling Juliet how when she grows up she will fall back instead of forward. Shows how close Nurse and Juliet were. What is Nurse’s second story about Juliet?
Yes. She says Paris is a gorgeous book and Juliet will be the cover. Does Lady Capulet want Juliet to marry Paris?
She says she will only look as far as her mother wants her too and is not interested in marriage. What is Juliet’s reaction to her mother’s request about Paris’ “suit?”
She is a fairy’s midwife who travels at night and gives dreams to people. According to Mercutio, what is Queen Mab? What does she do?
Believes in dreams and that they determine fate. What does Romeo say about value of dreams?
Says he does not believe, but truly does. What does Mercutio say about value of dreams?
He dreamt of him dying What did Romeo dream about?
Romeo stills goes to party because of fate. This shows Romeo believes in and is controlled by fate. Why isn’t he changing his mind about the party? What does this show us about Romeo?
He says Juliet lights the torches in the room with her brightness and that she is too good and beautiful to be on this earth. When Romeo first sees Juliet, what terms does he use to describe her?
He sees Romeo remove his mask to look at Juliet. How does Tybalt recognize Romeo?
Capulet tells Tybalt to leave Romeo alone and that he is a good kid. Tybalt is very angered by his calmness and seeks revenge on Romeo. When Tybalt is ready to seize and throw Romeo out of party, what does Capulet say? What’s Tybalt’s reaction?
Nurse speaks of Juliet’s mother How does Romeo find out Julie’s last name?
Nurse How does Juliet find out Romeo’s last name?