romeo and juliet act 1-4 (some of 4)

ACT 1——— who starts the brawl sampson and gregory
ACT 1 how does benvolio get involved? by tring to break up the fight
ACT 1 what backround info does the prince provide about the feuding families three civil brawls
ACT 1 tybalts personality fiery bold
ACT 1 what do montague and benvolio plan to do regarding romeo invite him to a feast
ACT 1 whats wrong with romeo heartbroken
ACT 1 whats benvolios solution move on and forget her
ACT 1 what are capulet and paris talking about getting married
ACT 1 how old is juliet 14
ACT 1 what is capulets postion on the subject of their conversation? what is his propsal to paris to win her heart
ACT 1 how does romeo get “invited” to the party servant
ACT 1 why does benvolio want romeo to go to the pary so he can find other wommen
ACt 1 what does lady capulet want talk to her daughter
ACT 1 whaT is decided at the end of the scene ?
ACT 1 how does Romeo mood contrast with his friends depressed vs fired up
ACT 1 why does tybalt wish to quarrel with romeo didnt want to go
ACT 1 why wont capulet let tybalt fight romeo ?
ACT 1 who was Romeo in love with Roseline
ACT 2 how does mercutio view love doesnt believe in it
ACt 2 how does Romeo learn juluets love for him she tells him
ACT 2 what helped Romeo climb over the high walls to find juliets window love
ACT 2 what do romeo and juliet plan to do the next day get married
ACT 2 why does juliet ask romeo not to swear by the moon because hte moon is always changing
ACT 2 why did the friar object Romeos love for roseline because hes not in love with her he is only in love with her looks
ACt 2 why does friar object Romeos love for juloiet because he is truly in love with her not only for her loojsk
ACt 2 what is happening with tybalt? how is he discribed by mercutio he can kill him
ACt 2 whta evidence is there that the nurse will protective of Juliet she protects her when she talks
ACt 2 whats the rope ladder for to go behind the abbey wall
ACT 2 to what does juliet attribute her nurses tardiness being sick with out breath
ACt 2 what evidence shows that nurse views love only as a physical thing only looks
ACT 2 where does the marriage take place friars cell
ACt 2 how many people know about the wedding 4
ACt 2 who knows about the wedding romeo juliet nurse friar
ACt 3 in what ways is mercutio respond=sible for his own death if someone wanted to fight he would
ACT 3 why does romeo refuse to fight tybalt for love of juliet
ACT 3 what role does romeo play in mercutios death by getting involved
ACT 3 whon does romeo blame indirectly for mercutios death? reason? himslef because he got involved
ACT 3 what is romeos punishment for tybalts murder banishment
ACT 3 the nurse unclear way of delivering the message of romeos banishment to juliet made juliet believe what that romeo is dead
ACT 3 why is juliet so upset with the princes judgement because sh ecant see romeo
ACT 3 how is the nurse able to comfort her by going to the friars cell to talk to romeo and they come up with a plan for when romeo and julite can met
ACT 3 why is romeo so upset with the princes judgemten he cant see juliet
ACT 3 what does the friar call romeos actions womenish
ACT 3 why would capulet want to move the wedding to thursday because wednesday is to soon since tybalt just died
ACT 3 why does it matter which bird is chripping outside the nightingale tells when romeo needs to leave
ACT 3 when juliet and romeo finally say goodbye what other scene does this parell to reflects when they say bye after the party
ACT 3 juliet and her mother converse what is interseting about their convo she tells her mother that she is in love with romeoand wants to marry him
ACt 3 why was capulet so upset with his daughters refusal to marry paris? what punishment does he threathen? he is mad because he relaly thought she would and he threathens to drag her there if she wont marry him willingly
ACT 4 why was paris at friars cell he wants to marry juliet
ACT 4 why does paris think juliet is sad because tybalt is dead
ACT 4 what does juliet threaten to do after hearing friars advice kill herslef
ACT 4 juliet is hesitant to go through with friars plan because she scared romeo wont come she will die dead will rise friar will do somethimg to the postion
ACT 4 how many cooks does capulet hire 20
ACT 4 you know if there a good cook if they lick there ifngers