Romeo and Juliet Act 1

According to the prologue, what can we expect to happen in the play 2 families hate each other, each has a child who will fall in love then die
What atmosphere will prevail or be stressed? What words or phrases indicate this atmosphere? Hateful, ancient grudge, civil hands unclean
Name the heads of the two households Capulet and Montague
Who is Tybalt Capulet kinsman
Who is Benvolio Montague kinsman
Who is Romeo Montague son
Who is Juliet Capulet daughter
Who is Escalus Prince of Verona
Who is Sampson Capulet servant
Who is Gregory Capulet servant
What threat does Prince Escalus make against “enemies of the peace” To kill them
What is Romeo’s mood in the first scene and what has caused it? Upset because Rosaline does not love him back
How, according to Benvolio, might Romeo alter his mood? How does Romeo react to Benvolio’s suggestions Romeo looks for other women, there is no woman better than Rosaline, she is impossible to forget
In his talk with Capulet, what proposal does Paris make to marry Juliet
What is Capulet’s reaction to the proposal? Juliet is to young, when she is 16
How does Romeo find out about the Capulet’s party the servant in charge of inviting people can’t read, asks Romeo
What arguments does Benvolio use to persuade Romeo to attend the party? He can compare Rosaline to other women
What reasons does Romeo give for deciding to attend the party? He can see Rosaline
What subject does Lady Capulet wish to bring up with Juliet? How old is Juliet? Marrying Paris, 13 years old
How can you describe the Nurse talkative, bawdy, ready to give advice
What is Juliet’s attitude toward marrying Paris She is willing to give him a shot, won’t force it
Although Romeo and Mercutio are close friends they differ in their attitudes toward life. How? Romeo is dramatic, romantic, ruled by emotionsMercutio is carefree, practical and thinks with his brain
Read Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech. What does this tell us about the character. Queen Mab flies around in her carriage during the night. She gives people dreams some good some bad.
Does Mercutio believe that an individual rules his own destiny entirely Yes
What is the general atmosphere of the party? How is it affected by Tybalt? Cheerful at first, ruined by Tybalt
Romeo asks “did my heart love until now” How would you answer this question No or he would not forget about Rosaline so quickly
Having fallen in love, Romeo and Juliet kiss and part. Then each makes a surprising discovery? What is it? How does this affect them? Discover they are from enemy families. Both shocked and upset
What is the order of main events that happens Fight scene – feud renewedRomeo is love sick – unrequitedPrince threatens death penaltyParis proposes marriageRomeo and friends crash Capulet ballTybalt vows revengeRomeo and Juliet fall in love at first sight
Plot structure of Shakespeare’s plays Act 1 and 2 rising action, act 3 climax, act 4 and 5 falling action