Romeo and Juliet Act 1

Verona The city where Romeo and Juliet takes place.
Violent What is Tybalt’s main character trait?
Depressed, Melancholy Romeo’s emotional state at the beginning of the play.
He’ll only agree to marriage if Juliet loves him. Capulet breaks social tradition by telling Paris that…
Mean nothing Mercutio believes dreams…
Metaphor “I have a soul of lead/So stakes me to the ground I cannot move.” (1.4.15,16) is what type of figurative language?
Depressed “I have a soul of lead/So stakes me to the ground I cannot move.” (1.4.15,16) shows which characteristic of Romeo.
Personification “It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night…”(1.5.52) is what type of figurative language.
She is more beautiful than others “It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night…”(1.5.52) shows what characteristic of Juliet?
He likes fights “I will withdraw, buth this intrusion shall,/Now seeming sweet, convert to bitt’rest gall.” (1.5.102,103) shows what characteristic of Tybalt?
Get revenge on Romeo “I will withdraw, buth this intrusion shall,/Now seeming sweet, convert to bitt’rest gall.” (1.5.102,103) shows Tyblat expects to…
One minute Most closely, how long have Romeo and Juliet known each other before they fall in love?
A matter of looks “By giving liberty unto thine eyes,/Examine other beauties.” (1.1.235, 236) shows Benvolio believes love is…
meaningless “[they] are the children of an idle brain,/Begot of nothing but vain fantasy…” (1.4.104, 105) Is when Mercutio tells Romeo that his dream is…
Insults How did the feud begin?
Punishment is death for the next fight What did the Prince decree after the fight?
She should marry Paris “By my count/I was your mother much upon these years/That you are now a maid.” (1.3.77-79) is from Lady Capulet telling Juliet that…
14 How many lines are in a sonnet?
thumb-biting What gesture starts the fight between the Montagues and the Capulet’s at the beginning of the story
to stop the fight before it begins Why does Benvolio draw his sword in the street?
Tybalt Which character claims to hate peace?
the Prince Who stops the street battle?
He loves Rosaline but she doesn’t love him Why is Romeo so melancholy when the play begins?
Juliet is too young to get married. Why does Capulet want Paris to wait before marrying Juliet?
He cannot read it himself Why does Peter ask Romeo and Benvolio to read the invitation list?
He doesn’t realize that they are Montague’s What mistake does Peter make regarding Romeo and Benvolio?
to compare Rosaline to other beautiful women Why does Benvolio want Romeo to go to the feast?
He hopes to see Rosaline. Why does Romeo agree to go to the feast?
Almost the same age as Juliet is in the play How old was Lady Capulet when she gave birth to Juliet?
Juliet Which character shows the most authority over the Nurse?
no one Whom does Juliet initially want to marry?
see if she can love him What does Juliet agree to do with regards to Paris?
her humorously vulgar view of sex What characteristic of the Nurse is most evident in the first scene?
by wearing masks How did the Montague’s plan on getting into the Capulet’s feast?
He dreamt that it was a bad idea. Why is Romeo anxious about attending the feast?
He turns them into statements about sex How does Mercutio react to Romeo’s statements about love?
Queen Mab Who is the subject of Mercutio’s long speech?
his own death Which event does Romeo foreshadow as they make their way to the feast?
Tybalt Who first discovers that there is a Montague at the Capulet’s feast?
Rosaline Whom does Romeo forget about the moment he sees Juliet?
as a pilgrim and a saint How do Romeo and Juliet metaphorically describe themselves in their first conversation?
two How many times do Romeo and Juliet kiss at the first meeting?
They are both devastated. How do Romeo and Juliet act when each discover whom the other one is?
He is his nephew. What relation is Tybalt to Lord Capulet?
two weeks How long is a fortnight?
He is sad and doesn’t feel like dancing. What is Romeo’s mood when he arrives at the party?
He will show Romeo other, more beautiful girls. How does Benvolio plan to cure Romeo’s lovesickness for Rosaline?
Nurse Who tells Juliet that Paris would be a good husband?
Juliet’s nurse tells them both. After Romeo and Juliet have fallen in love at first sight, who tells each of them the other’s identity?