Romeo and Juliet

fourteenth century Verona, Italy What is the setting of Romeo and Juliet?
Montague and Capulet The street high in the beginning of the opening seen is between servants of what two families?
Benvolio Who is the peacemaker that tries to stop the fight?
punishment of death What does Prince Escalus say will happen if someone disturbs the peace again?
he plans to find another woman for Romeo How does Benvolio plan to cure Romeo’s lovesickness for Rosaline?
one How many children does Lord Capulet have?
Paris Who is the man that asks Lord Capulet for Juliet’s hand in marriage?
Tybalt Who wants to attack Romeo at the Capulets’ masked ball?
the nurse After Romeo and Juliet have fallen in love at first sight, who tells each of them the other’s identity?
to see Juliet After the Capulets’ ball, why does Romeo run away from his friends?
Romeo Who overhears Juliet speaking aloud her loving thoughts of Romeo?
he wants to end the feud Why does Friar Laurence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?
confessions What subterfuge does Juliet use for going to Friar Laurence’s cell?
the nurse Who carries the message about the wedding arrangements from Romeo and Juliet?
because Tybalt killed Mercutio Why does Romeo kill Tybalt?
banishment from Verona What sentence does Prine Escalus decree for Romeo after Tybalt’s death?
he will disown disown her What does Lord Capulet say he will do if Juliet refuses to marry Paris?
to forget about Romeo and marry Paris What does the nurse advise Juliet to do?
42 hours Friar Laurence gives Juliet a potion to make her sleep how long?
a letter from Friar Laurence How will Romeo be told that Juliet is not dead?
the nurse Who tries to wake Juliet and cries out that she is dead?
death According to the bereaved Lord Capulet, who is now his son-in-law?
because she is now in heaven and had a happy life Friar Laurence says that tears of grief are natural, but there is also a reason to rejoice. What is the reason?
Balthazar Who tells Romeo that Juliet is dead?
poison What does Romeo obtain from a poor apothecary?
Friar John does not reach Romeo in time What has kept Friar John from delivering Friar Laurence’s letter to Romeo?
poison When Romeo say, “Here’s to my love!” what does he drink?
a convent Where does Friar Laurence want to take Juliet after Juliet discovers that Romeo is dead?
stabs herself Juliet kisses the lips of her dead Romeo and then she does what?
the end of the feud What occurs because of the death of Romeo and Juliet?
April 23, 1616 When did William Shakespeare die?
Bard, poet Shakespeare is known as the_____which means_____.
The Globe Theater In what theater did Shakespeare perform his plays?
it showed that a play was showing Explain the significance of the flag on top of the theater.
it showed what kind of play was showing Explain the significance of the colors related to the flag.
fate On what/whom does Romeo blame his misfortunes?