Romeo and Juliet

the Montague people RomeoLord and Lady MontagueAbramBenvolioBathchazarMercutio
the Capulet people Lady CapuletLord CapuletJulietTybaltSampsonGregoryPeterNurse
other people Friar LawrenceFriar JohnchorusPrinceParis
why does Sampson want a Montague servant to start the fight? (act 1) So the law would be on his side and the other family would get in trouble with Prince
who attempts to stop the fight between the servants? (act 1) Benvolio
What ultimatum did the Prince give both families? stop fighting or die
What is wrong with Romeo? (act 1) Rosaline did not love him
What is Benvolio’s plan for Romeo? (act 1) to get a new girlfriend
Why does Lord Capulet say no to Paris’ request to marry Juliet? (act 1) she is not even 14 yet
What will Juliet do with Paris at the party? (act 1) she will flirt, nothing further
What is Romeo’s sin? (act 1) kissing Juliet
What did Romeo learn about Juliet from the nurse and vice versa? (act 1) they are the enemy family
What does Romeo do after the party? (act 2) go see Juliet
what does Juliet want Romeo to give up? (act 2) his name and family
What sent Romeo to Juliet? (act 2) love
Why does Juliet not want Romeo to swear by the moon? the moon changes
What news does Romeo send Juliet at 9:00 AM? (act 2) that he is serious about marriage
Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? it will bring the families together
Who sent Romeo a challenge? (act 2) Tybalt
Why is the Nurse concerned about Juliet and Romeo? (act 2) she saw who he hangs out with
Why does Romeo say no to the dual? (act 3) Tybalt is his new cousin
What happens bc of the dual? (act 3) Mercutio and Tybalt are dead
Who gives the right version of the killings? Benvolio
when nurse told Juliet that someone is dead, who did she think it was? (act 3) Romeo
what 3 things should Romeo be happy for? (act 3) 1. Juliet is alive2. Romeo is alive3. Tybalt is dead
what 7 point plan did Friar give Romeo? 1. go to Juliet and comfort her2. leave before dawn3. go to Mantua4. Friar will announce the marriage5. it will reconcile the family6. beg pardon of the Prince7. call him back to Verona
What plans does Lord Capulet make? (act 3) Juliet will marry Paris Thursday
What will happen to Juliet if she doesn’t marry Paris? Lord Capulet will disown her
What was Nurse’s advice to Juliet (act 3) to marry Paris
Who does Juliet go to? (act 3) Friar Lawrence
When Juliet went to Friar, who was already there? (act 4) Paris
What other option did Juliet have other than marry Paris? to kill herself
What is the 7 point plan Friar gave Juliet? 1. give consent to marry Paris2. drink the mixture to put her to sleep3. allow body to be taken to the vault4. Friar will tell Romeo the plan5. Romeo will come the vault6. Friar Lawrence and Romeo will be there hen she wakes up7. Romeo will take her to Mantua
What did Lord Capulet change about the marriage? he moved it to the next day
in Juliet’s soliloquy, what 3 thoughts worried her? 1. the mixture wont work2. she will wake up to early3. Friar might poison her
who tries to wake Juliet? (act 4) Nurse
What news does Balthasar tell Romeo? (act 5) Juliet is dead
Who was there to pay respects to Juliet? (act 5) Paris
What happens once Paris and Romeo dual? Paris is killed
What happens after the dual? Romeo kills himself
What does Juliet do when she wakes up? she kills herself
What happened to Lady Capulet when she sees Juliet? she dies