Romeo and Juliet

rebirth What does Renaissance mean?
Catholics and Protestants The religious strife in England during this time was between what two groups?
Earth What did most people of the time think was the center of the universe?
the four elements of the universe What did people think man’s behavior was associated with?
artists During this time, London attracted many _________.
the stomach and the liver What did people of the time think was the center of all human emotion?
Montagues and Capulets What are the names of the two feuding families in Romeo and Juliet?
Verona, Italy Where does the play take place?
the feud will end What does the prologue say will happen to the two families in the end?
tragic What mood is stressed in the prologue?
they will die According to the prologue, what will happen to Romeo and Juliet in the end?
biting his thumb How does Sampson start a fight with the Montague servants?
when the prince appears When does the street brawl between the Capulets and Montagues end?
they will be killed What does Escalus say will happen to the next person who “disturbs the quiet of our streets”?
He loves Rosaline and doesn’t think she loves him back. What is wrong with Romeo when we first meet him?
He says no one is prettier than Rosaline. What does Romeo tell Benvolio when he suggests he find another girl?
pun The play on words with collier, choler, and collar is an example of what literary device?
Paris will make a fine husband, but Juliet is a little young to marry. How do the Capulets feel about Juliet getting married to Paris?
He is confused about which professions use which tools. What is humorous about the servant’s speech?
to meet other women Why does Benvolio encourage Romeo to go to the Capulets’ party?
he might get to see Rosaline Why does Romeo decide to go to the party?
at the party Where does Juliet see Paris for the first time?
garrulous [talkative] What term best describes the nurse?
dutiful What is Juliet’s attitude to her mother’s idea of marriage?
She will try to look on him favorably. What does Juliet agree to do about Paris’s wooing her?
a thorn To what does Romeo compare his love for Rosaline?
that he is witty and creative What does Mercutio’s long Queen Mab speech show about him?
festive At the beginning of Act I, scene iv, what is the mood?
he forgets Rosaline, overcomes his melancholy behavior, and only has eyes for Juliet What happens to Romeo when he first sees Juliet?
he feels his honor is being threatened Why does Tybalt want to challenge Romeo’s presence at the feast?
images with religious connotations When Romeo and Juliet talk to each other at the party, what kind of language do they use?
a jewel To what does Romeo compare Juliet?
She is amazed she has fallen in love with an enemy. When Juliet realizes who Romeo is, how does she feel?
moody to radiant How does Romeo’s mood changes from the beginning of Act I to the end?
it has vanished What does the Chorus say has happened to Romeo’s love for Rosaline?
no Do Benvolio and Mercutio realize that Romeo has found a new love?
a more serious side After the party, what do we get to see in Romeo?
Juliet is the sun Romeo asks, “What light through yonder window breaks?” What does he mean?
that Mercutio has never felt the pangs of love What does Romeo mean when he says that Mercutio “jests at scars that never felt a wound”?
no Does Juliet play hard to get?
she doesn’t have a chaperone, and she is straightforward and honest about her feelings How do we know that Juliet does not follow the usual rules of courtship?
by letting her know the next day when and where they will marry How does Juliet ask Romeo to prove that he is sincere in his love?
it adds suspense that Romeo might be discovered When the Nurse calls Juliet, and Romeo is right outside, what does it add to the play?
to reveal that he is very intelligent but also superstitious What is the point of the Friar’s soliloquy?
He is amused. How does Friar Lawrence first react to Romeo’s confession of loving Juliet?
that the relationship between Romeo and Juliet might end the feud between the Capulets and Montagues? What does the Friar mean when he says, “For this alliance may so happy prove/to turn your households’ rancor to pure love”?
He wants to challenge Romeo to a duel. What is the content of the letter that Tybalt sent to Romeo?
He teases her and pokes fun at her. How does Mercutio treat the Nurse in this scene?
that Paris has more money that Romeo but that Juliet is not interested in Paris What news does the Nurse tell Romeo?
impatient behavior Juliet’s youth is emphasized by her _________________ awaiting the Nurse’s news.
no Does the Nurse want Juliet’s mother to overhear her?
yes Does the Nurse ever tell Juliet the truth about Romeo’s plan for marriage?
yes Does Friar Lawrence want to marry Romeo and Juliet quickly?
no Does the audience ever get to see the wedding?
Tybalt Who challenges Romeo to a duel?
with patience As Tybalt insults Romeo, how does Romeo react?
that Tybalt is looking for a fight Why does Benvolio tell Mercutio to get off the streets?
Mercutio Whom does Tybalt kill?
to avenge Mercutio’s death Why does Romeo kill Tybalt?
Benvolio Who tells the story of the fight to the Prince?
banishment What is Romeo’s punishment for Tybalt’s death?
the Nurse Who tells Juliet about Tybalt’s death?
Romeo Whom does Juliet blame at the first news of Tybalt’s death?
Friar Lawrence’s cell After the fight, where does Romeo hide?
a ring What does Juliet send to Romeo by way of the Nurse?
Friar Lawrence Who tells Romeo what the Prince’s judgement for him is?
depressed How does Romeo feel when he hears that he will be banished?
Mantua Where does Romeo plan to go when he leaves Verona?
her room Before leaving the city, where is Romeo supposed to meet Juliet?
Paris Whom do the Capulets plan to marry Juliet?
Tybalt Whom do the Capulets believe Juliet is crying for?
villain and slaughter What two words does Lady Capulet use that show her attitude toward Tybalt’s death?
have him poisoned What does Lady Capulet plan to do to Romeo to avenge Tybalt’s death?
the song of a lark What warns Romeo that the dawn is approaching?
he will disown her What will Capulet do if Juliet does not obey his wishes?
to get advice Why does Juliet tell the Nurse she needs to see Friar Lawrence?
He thinks it will make Juliet happy. Why does Capulet want to move up the date of the wedding?
He has doubts about whether he should have done it. How does Friar Lawrence feel about marrying Romeo and Juliet?
a plan What does Juliet want from Friar Lawrence?
to confess Why does Juliet tell Paris she has gone to see Friar Lawrence?
a dagger What does Juliet take with her to Friar Lawrence’s cell?
almost two days How long is the potion supposed to affect Juliet?
have letters delivered to Romeo After he gives her the potion, what does Friar Lawrence promise to do for Juliet?
to apologize to him Why does Juliet go to her father at the beginning of this scene?
that she marry Paris a day early What does her father suggest?
jubilant How does Capulet feel after he talks to Juliet?
kill herself If the potion does not work, what does Juliet plan to do?
dramatic irony As the wedding preparations are going on, the audience knows that Juliet is lying still and quiet upstairs. What kind of literary device is this?
the Nurse Who discovers that Juliet is “dead?”
from grief over Tybalt’s death Why do Juliet’s parents think she has died?
in the Capulet tomb Where will Juliet be buried?
that she is alive in heaven What does Friar Lawrence tell the Capulets to console them over Juliet’s death?
that the feud has already taken its toll on the family What does Friar Lawrence mean when he tells the Capulets, “The heavens do lour upon you for some ill; / Move them no more by crossing their high will”?
Its liveliness contrasts with the tragic circumstances How is music important in the final scenes?
He is full of wit. How does Peter act at the end of this scene?
comedies, tragedies, and histories What kinds of plays did Shakespeare write?