Romeo and Juliet

Romeo son of Montague
Juliet daughter of Capulet
Benvolio nephew of Montague and friend of Romeo
Mercutio friend of Romeo who loves to talk and talk
Balthasar servant to Romeo
Friar Laurence person who mixes up potion for Juliet
Tybalt nephew of Lady Capulet who kills Mercutio
Nurse loyal servant to Capulets who raised Juliet
Paris nobleman who wishes to marry Juliet
Prince Escalus ruler of Verona
Apothecary person who sells poison to Romeo
Friar John friar who fails to deliver Friar Laurence’s letter to Romeo in Mantua
After the fight between the Montagues and the Capulets in the town square, what does the Prince decree will be the punishment for anyone caught fighting in the future? Death
At the beginning of the play, why is Romeo brooding and sad? He is in love with Rosaline and she does not love him.
When the Nurse compares Juliet to “Susan,” whom is she talking about? Her child who died as an infant
Who is the Nurse talking about when she describes him as “a man of wax?” Paris
Why does Benvolio encourage Romeo to go to the party at the Capulets? So he can see other women.
How does Tybalt recognize Romeo at the party? By his voice
Who is Capulet referring to when he says, “You are a saucy boy”? Tybalt
What does Romeo mean when he says, “My life were better ended by their hate/Than death prorogued, wanting of thy love”? He would rather die loving Juliet—a Capulet—than live without her love.
As Romeo leaves Juliet on her balcony, what does he vow to do? come back the next morning to marry her
Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? He thinks it will end the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets.
Where are Romeo and Juliet married? Friar Laurence’s cell
What does the letter say that Tybalt sends to Romeo’s house? Tybalt challenges Romeo to a duel for disrespecting them by coming to the party
What does Tybalt call Romeo to try and provoke Romeo into fighting? Villain
Why does Romeo feel “love” towards Tybalt? Since Romeo is married to Juliet, he is now related to Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin.
Who says, “A plague o’ both your houses!” Mercutio, as he is dying
Where does Romeo go immediately after the sword fight in the town square? Friar Laurence’s cell
What is Juliet’s first reaction when the Nurse tells Juliet that Romeo has killed Tybalt? She is mad at Romeo and feels like he has deceived her with his looks.
What is Juliet’s reaction when the Nurse criticizes Romeo and says, “Shame come to Romeo!”? She is mad at the Nurse for saying bad things about Romeo.
What does the Juliet’s mother think Juliet is crying about? Tybalt’s death
What is Juliet actually crying about? Romeo’s banishment
The potion that Friar Laurence makes for Juliet is supposed to make her sleep for how long? 42 hours
What does Juliet say to her father when she gets back from visiting Friar Lawrence? She apologizes to her father for being disobedient and agrees to marry Paris.
Why is it in Friar Lawrence’s best interests not to marry Paris and Juliet? He has already married Romeo and Juliet, and it would mean that he has married Juliet to two men.
Why does Friar John not deliver Friar Lawrence’s letter to Romeo in Mantua? He gets quarantined by the town for caring for sick people who may have plague.
Why is it necessary for Romeo to “bribe” the apothecary for the poison? It is against the law to sell poison in Mantua.
What does Romeo tell Balthasar is the reason for him needing to go into the Capulet family tomb? To retrieve a ring that Juliet has on her finger
Who does Romeo fight in the Capulet tomb? Paris
How does Juliet really die in the end? She stabs herself with a dagger.
What does Balthasar have that confirms Friar Lawrence’s explanation of what happened between Romeo and Juliet? The letter that Romeo wrote to his father to explain why he was doing what he was doing
What does Montague say that he will do to honor Juliet? Build a golden statue in her image
True or False: Romeo and Juliet is an original story that was created by William Shakespeare. False. Romeus and Juliet were characters in a poem written earlier by Arthur Brooke.
True or False: The part of Juliet was first played on the stage by Shakespeare’s wife. False. During Shakespeare’s time, female roles were played by men and boys.
True or False: The richest spectators paid the most for tickets at the Globe Theatre so that they could stand right in front of the stage. False. the cheapest tickets were for the standing-only area right in front of the stage. This part of the audience was called the groundlings.
True or False: Shakespeare wrote most of Romeo and Juliet in iambic pentameter. True. Though the play is a combination of prose and poetry (written in iambic pentameter), most of the play is poetry.
True or False: Primarily, Romeo and Juliet is considered a comedy because of the funny scenes involving Juliet’s nurse and other servants. False. Romeo and Juliet is considered to be a tragedy.
True or False: The Globe Theatre was the first theatre in London to be completely enclosed by a roof. False. The center part of the roof was open.
True or False: Queen Elizabeth I was a supporter of the theatre in London True.
True or False: The setting of Romeo and Juliet is Verona, England in the 18th Century. False. The setting is Verona, Italy, in the 15th century.