Romeo and Juliet, 1.5 Pre-Test

The dialogue exchanged between Romeo and Juliet at their first meeting is in the form of a sonnet. What is Shakespeare’s purpose for using this style of language? To create a romantic mood
Emotional language is defined as____ The use of words to create a desired emotion from the audience
Choose the statement that BEST explains Romeo’s distress as revealed in the dialogue below: BENVOLIOGood-morrow, cousin.ROMEOIs the day so young?BENVOLIOBut new struck nine.ROMEOAy me! sad hours seem long. Romeo longs for the darkness of night.
Which style of language is BEST suited for a conversation between the servants in Romeo and Juliet? Prose
In Act 1, Shakespeare uses the images of light and dark to __________. Create contrasts between characters, families, concepts, and emotions
Classify the style of language used in the dialogue below: FIRST SERVANTWhere’s Pot pan, that he helps not to take away?He shift a trencher? He scrape a trencher! Prose
Which style of language is BEST suited for Romeo’s character? Rhyme
Which emotion does Shakespeare create with the following lines?JULIETGo ask his name: if he be married,My grave is like to be my wedding bed. Desperation
Which type of conflict has NOT been introduced in Act 1?A.Character vs. selfB.character vs. characterC.character vs. natureD.character vs. society C) Character Vs. Nature
Shakespeare uses emotional language in Tybalt’s dialogue to evoke the emotion of __________. Disgust