Quotes on Women from ‘Hamlet’

“Like Niobe, all tears”-Hamlet
“incestuous sheets”-Hamlet
“the funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables”-Hamlet
“Frailty, thy name is Woman”-Hamlet
“i did love you once”-Hamlet
“Get thee to a nunnery”-Hamlet
“Wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them”
“I have heard of your paintings too,God has given you one face and you paint yourself another”-Hamlet
“Mother, you have my father much offended”-Hamlet
“you jig, you amble, and you lisp, you nickname God’s creatures”-Hamlet
“I will speak daggers to her, but i shall use none”-Hamlet
“’tis brief my lord…” “as woman’s love”-Hamlet
“did you think i meant country matters?”-Hamlet
“you speak like a green girl”, “I will obey my lord” About Ophelia
“the fair Ophelia”
“i was the more deceived”
“Sucked the honey of his musicked vows”
“t’have seen what i have seen, see what i see”
“there’s fennel for you, and columbines. There’s rue for you and here’s some for me”
“i would offer you violets but they withered all when my father died”
“For bonny sweet Robin is all my joy”
“i hop’d thou shouldst have been Hamlet’s wife”
“I loved Ophelia, forty thousand brothers could not, with all their quantity of love, make up my sum”
“chaste treasure”
“She is so conjunctive to my life and soul”
“my too much changed son”
“i hop’d thou shouldst have been Hamlet’s wife”
Player Queen: “A second time i kill my husband dead, when second husband kisses me in bed”
“the lady doth protest too much” – Irony