Othello Webquest

What is a Moor? A member of northwestern African Muslim people of mixed Berber and Arab decent
When was Othello first performed November 1, 1604
How many characters (total) are there in Othello? How does this compare to other Shakespearean plays? Total Characters: 13;
Where is Cyprus? What is its significance in the play?
What was Venice known for in Shakespeare’s time?
Define the following military ranks: 1. Ancient 2. Lieutenant
What is dramatic irony? When the reader knows what is going to happen to the main character but the character doesn’t known what is going to happen
What is catastrophe? The climax and falling action
What word is used over 20 times in this play? Honest
What is the term for intermixing of races through sex/marriage? Interracial marriage
Who was the first Black actor to play Othello? What year did this happen? Ira Aldridge in 1833
What was unique about the 1997 production of the play starring Patrick Stewart?