Othello Vocabulary

Advocacy definition: public support for a recommendation of a particular causesentence: there is a list of self advocacy organizations contacted
Agile definition: being able to move quickly sentence: the boy was very agile when he played basketball
Amiable definition: displaying a friendly and pleasant mannersentence: he was amiable towards his friend who he hadn’t seen in a while
Beguile definition: charm, sometimes in a deceptive waysentence: Jason was beguile on his date
Bestow definition: confer or presentsentence: she was bestow during her road test
Bombastic definition: high-sounding but with little meaningsentence: she spoke in a very bombastic tone to her teacher
Carnal definition: relating to physical needs and activitiessentence: he had a carnal to play soccer
Circumspect definition: wary and unwilling to take riskssentence: Obama was very circumspect when filling out his March Madness Bracket
Cynical definition: believing that people are motivated by self-interestsentence: Stalin ‘s cynical disregard for the working class led him into the pact with Hitler.
Desolate definition: deserted of people and in a state of bleak emptinesssentence: the alien spacecraft sits on a desolate plain on a distant planet
Discern definition: perceive or recognize somethingsentence: she discerned that she was being hit on
Discretion definition: the quality of speaking in a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information.sentence: viewer discretion is advised
Enmesh definition: cause to become entangled in somethingsentence: the whole situation was enmesh
Epithet definition: an adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality characteristic of the thing mentionedsentence: the king deserves the epithet great
Forbearance definition: patient self-control, restraint and tolerancesentence: he had forbearance after he was called a mean name
Garner definition: gather or collect sentence: he garnered all of his tools and fixed his broken car
Guileless definition: innocent and without deceptionsentence: The guileless child sat down and thought
Homage definition: honor or respect shown publiclysentence: he showed homage to the teacher getting honored
Insolence definition: insulting or contemptuous behaviorsentence: the little boy acted with insolence when he didn’t get what he wanted
Lecher definiton: excessive indulgence in sexual activitysentence: he acted very lechery around his girlfriend
Malice definition: desire to harm otherssentence: bully’s act with malice
Malign definition: canceroussentence: sadly, the cancer is malign
Mutinous definition: rebellioussentence: the child acted mutinous after he was insulted
Odious definition: hatefulsentence: she acted odious to the girl who stole her boyfriend
Paradoxical definition: something that appears false or contradictory but is actually correctsentence: occasionally they can actually worsen depression in what is known as a paradoxical adverse effect
Peevish definition: cross, complaining, irritable; contrarysentence: my teacher was peevish because I was too lazy to look the word up
Perdition definition: damnation; ruin; hellsentence: the man perdition his opponents campaign
Profane definition: the ordinary and commonplace elements of life, as distinguished from the sacred.sentence: there should be no use of foul or profane language
Ruffianism definition: rowdy or tough behaviorsentence: the boy acted with ruffianism around the girl he liked
Sated definition: satisfiedsentence: the student was sated with an 85 on her math test
Subjugate definition: to conquer by force, bring under complete controlsentence: Hitler subjugated a lot of Europe during WWII
Traducer definition: someone who slanders or speaks falsely about someonesentence: mean people traducer around about other people behind their backs
Vehement definition: forcefulsentence: the father used vehement force to discipline his son
Virtuoso definition: highly skilled artistsentence: Picasso was a virtuoso
Warranted definition: justified; authorizedsentence: the way she treated me warranted my decision to walk away