Othello Vocab – Antonyms

abhor synonyms: fill with horror or disgust, dislike, reject, protest against.
prate/prattle synonyms: to talk idly, chatter; empty, foolish talk
moor synonyms: a Muslim person; a person of mixed Arab and Berber ancestry.
obsequious synonyms: obedient, compliant, eager,fawning, subservient.
homage synonyms: formal oath of vassal to honor, demonstration of respect; to pay reverence to by external action.
incense synonyms: to cause extreme anger, infuriate; pleasant odor.
vexation synonyms: annoying, irritation, vexation
lascivious synonyms: expressing lust, lecherous, sexual desire, salacious
rebuke synonyms: criticize, reprove, reprimand, reproof
iniquity synonyms: wickedness, injustice, lawlessness, wrongful acts
insolent synonyms: presumptuous, arrogant, rude, disrespectful.
alacrity synonyms: cheerful willingness, eagerness, quickness, celerity
visage synonyms: face, facial expressions, appearance; aspect
cockold synonyms: man married to an unfaithful wife, unfaithful, by seducing his wife.
tempest synonyms: windstorm; uproar, commotion, furious agitation
citadel synonyms: stronghold, fort, a bulwark
pestilence synonyms: fatal epidemic disease, pernicious; evil influence
choler synonyms: anger, irritability, bitchy
discretion synonyms: discernment, circumspection; power to decide responsibly
infirmity synonyms: frailty, feebleness, bodily ailment
dilatory synonyms: intended delay, to postpone
perdition synonyms: damnation; loss of the soul
frailty synonyms: frail, weakness, foible, fault