Othello Vocab All Acts

Bombast puffed-up; pompous
Preferment promotion
obsequious fawning; showing servile compliance
grange farm; granary
lascivious lecherous
deluding deceiving
promulgate officially announce
beguiled diverted; taken away; also charmed or delighted
alacrity eagerness; quickness
surfeited fed to excess
tempest violent storm
base common; low in station
satiety the condition of being overfilled or overgratified
requisites requirements
impediment something in the way; a hindrance
egregiously conspicuously offensively
perdition total ruin; damnation
shrift confessional
beseech earnestly request
wooed courted, dated
conspire secretly plot
importunity repeated requests
castigation punishment; criticism
advocation a cause or a path of actions
suborned induced to commit a bad action or perjury
credulous gullible
reproach criticism; disgrace; blame; shame
wit intelligence; humor
iniquity sin(s)
expostulate reason earnestly
mandate command; official instruction
bawdy vulgar; humorously coarse
insinuating introducing an idea subtlety
incontinent uncontrolled; unrestrained
mars damages; marks
peril danger
anon soon
fie used to express distaste or disapproval
linger to be slow in learning
pernicious deadly; destructive
gratify reward; indulge; satisfy
trifle something of little importance or value
dismayed having lost courage
malice spite; ill-will