Othello Vocab

Abhor(v) Defn: To regard with horror or intense dislike; detest or hateSynonym: LoatheSentence: The evil starfish abhorred the shark because it ate her family.
Evade(v) Defn: To escape or avoid by cleverness or deceitSynonym: EludeSentence: When my mom asked me about my saucy secret boyfriend, I evaded the conversation by bringing up a national school shooting incident.
Obsequious(adj) Defn: Eager to please or obey all instructions Synonym: ServileSentence: Nemo was obsequious and followed the Bruce’s instructions.
Incense (v) Defn: To cause to be extremely angry; infuriateSynonym: Anger Sentence: The girl incensed her boyfriend by cheating on him.
Iniquity (n) Defn: Severe immorality or injustice; wickednessSynonym: Depravity Sentence: Elphaba did not actually possess iniquity. Her evil ass stepdad was and sent her away to school.
Facile(adj) Defn: Done or achieved with little effort or difficulty; easySynonym: EffortlessSentence: French with Mr. Meyers was facile; French with Mr. McNulty is hella not.
Alacrity(n) Defn: Cheerful willingness; eagerness; speed or quicknessSynonym: Readiness Sentence: Before almost getting hit by a car, she jumped super high, as she possessed great alacrity.
Defunct(n) Defn: No longer living, existing, or functioning Synonym: DisusedSentence: Cassette players are defunct, we use iPods and live streaming now!
Quench (v) Defn: To extinguish; to suppress; to put an end to; to satisfySynonym: To endSentence: She quenched her thirst by drinking Gatorade.
Paragon (n) Defn: A model of excellence or perfection of (something)Synonym: Ideal modelSentence: Kendall Jenner is a paragon of supermodels, that is why she is so successful.
Pestilent(adj) Defn: Tending to cause death; deadly; contaminated with diseaseSynonym: DeadlySentence: The plague was pestilent and killed about half of Europe.
Impediment (n) Defn: A hindrance or obstruction; something stopping the progress of somethingSynonym: ObstacleSentence: The impediment blocking 880 was a motorcycle accident.
Egregiously (adv) Defn: Clearly or unusually bad or offensiveSynonym: Offensive af!Sentence: She egregiously made fun of the color of his skin.
Censure (n) Defn: An expression of strong disapproval or harsh criticismSynonym: A diatribe in expression form instead of verbalSentence: Brabantio’s censure against Othello and Desdemona’s marriage did not change Desdemona’s feelings toward her husband.
Indignity (n) Defn: Humiliating, degrading, or abusive treatmentSynonym: Shameful treatmentSentence: Brabantio suffered from indignity, as his daughter sided with Othello, instead of him.
Imposition(n) Defn: Something that is forced upon someone/something; a burdensome or unfair demandSynonym: Forced demandSentence: The imposition to go to war in the Middle East exacerbated foreign tensions.
Affinity (n) Defn: A natural liking for or identification with somebody or somethingSynonym: LikingSentence: I have an affinity for my cat. <3
Bounteous(adj) Defn: Giving generously; given in generous measureSynonym: GenerousSentence: The Kalmamovitz family was bounteous and donated 4 million dollars to the hospital.
Castigation(n) Defn: Severe criticism or punishmentSynonym: PunishmentSentence: Cassio received castigation from Othello after he got in a fight from being drunk.
Disposition (n) Defn: Someone’s usual mood or temperament; tendency to act in a certain waySynonym: AttitudeSentence: Desdemona’s disposition was thoughtful toward her hot ass husband.
Indict(v) Defn: To charge somebody formally for a crime; to accuse of wrongdoingSynonym: AccuseSentence: OJ Simpson was indicted for killing his wife and the postman.
Penitent(adj) Defn: Expressing or feeling regret or sorrow for having committed sinsSynonym: RegretfulSentence: Iago should’ve felt penitent for trying to break up the marriage, but he didn’t because he’s an ******* and wanted revenge on Cassio.
Poise(n) Defn: Calm, stable, graceful, self-assured dignitySynonym: CalmSentence: Othello spoke with poise and made it seem like he was not angry when he actually was.
Reconciliation (n) Defn: The ending of conflict or renewing of friendship between disputing peopleSynonym: Conflict endSentence: The reconciliation of the friends started a better chapter together on a new page.
Affliction(n) Defn: A condition of great physical or mental distressSynonym: DistressSentence: He was under a lot of affliction at work and considered suicide.
Entreat(v) Defn: To beg somebody for something, often repeatedlySynonym: to begSentence: the cat entreated for treats, that ******.
Forsake(v) Defn: To withdraw companionship, protection, or support from somebodySynonym: withdrawal Sentence: she forsakes his friendship and dated anothe dood.
Mandate (n) Defn: An official command or instruction from an authoritySynonym: CommandSentence: the mandate made him cry bc he was a weak hoe
Populous(adj) Defn: Having a large number of inhabitantsSynonym: PopularSentence: SF is populous and has more than 1,000,000 inhabitants.
Rouge (n) Defn: A dishonest, immoral, mischievous person (though often likable)Synonym: fake ass bitchSentence: the rouge was well liked but was also a horrible ass person.
Vantage(n) Defn: A position that provides advantageSynonym: AdvantageSentence: She had a great vantage and had the ability to get into people’s heads.
Venial(adj) Defn: Easily forgiven or excusedSynonym: PardonnedSentence: The boy was venial bc he was such a hot babe.
Ensnare(v) Defn: To lure somebody into a bad situation from which it is difficult to escapeSynonym: TrickSentence: She ensnared him into a poisonous relationship.
Interim(n) Defn: A period of time between two occurrencesSynonym: Time between 2 thingsSentence: The Japanese were in interim in the US, held captive durin g WW11.
Malice(n) Defn: The desire to harm another/see another in pain; intention to commit harmSynonym: Intent for harmSentence: The witch was a malice and wants to kill everyone.
Notorious (adj) Defn: Well known for some undesirable feature, quality, or actSynonym:InfamousSentence: The kardashians are notorious for their glam and shitty spending.
Odious(adj) Defn: Inspiring hatred, contempt, or disgustSynonym: disgust Sentence: Medea was odious and planned her husbands death weeks before she did the deed.
Pernicious (adj) Defn: Causing great harm, destruction, or death; wickedSynonym: WickedSentence: Elphaba was not actually pernicious; she was discriminated against because of her skin color.
Reprobation(n) Defn: Strong condemnation or disapproval of somebody or somethingSynonym: Disapproval Sentence: the reprobation brobantio felt towards Othello was exacerbated when Rodrigo and Iago showed up at his house.
Restitution(n) Defn: Compensation for loss/damage; return of something to rightful ownerSynonym: compensationSentence: she was given restitution for her stolen iPhone and received a free backstage pass to BeyoncĂ©’s sold out show.