Othello (true or false)

True At the beginning, Brabantio is NOT aware that Desdemona and Othello are married.
True Iago claims to serve as a go between for Desdemona and Roderigo.
False Iago tries but does not kill Roderigo.
False Cassio served as a go between for Iago and Emilia.
True Twice, Othello suffers from epilepsy.
False Othello kills Desdemona by using poison.
True Othello’s tragic flaw develops because of his intense jealous emotions concerning Desdemona. He allows his emotions to take over his ability to reason and make clear distinctions between truth and lies.
True Iago causes Othello to doubt Desdemona by (1)causing Othello to suspect Cassio (2)telling Othello what Cassio said when he talked out loud in a dream (3)telling Othello he had seen Cassio with Desdemona’s handkerchief (4)talking to Cassio about Bianca and Othello thought they were discussing Desdemona
False Othello used magic charms or witchcraft to get Desdemona to marry him.
False In his heart of hearts, Othello never really believes that Desdemona is having an affair.
True Iago convinces Othello that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio.
True Cassio seems to get drunk easily.
True Othello kills Desdemona by smothering her.
False Emilia finds Desdemona’s handkerchief and gives it to Cassio.
True Othello demotes Cassio and says that Cassio will never be his officer again.
False Othello does NOT promote Iago to his lieutenant.
False Iago is stabbed at the end of the play and dies without repenting of his evil doing.
True Othello tells Desdemona that his father gave the handkerchief to his mother.
True Cassio served as a go between Desdemona and Othello.
True Desdemona blames no one for her death except herself.