Othello Review: Characters/Settings

Othello a noble black Moor; married to Desdemona; greatest army general in Venice; intelligent, courageous, and honorable yet quick to make decisions
Brabantio Desdemona’s father; racist; despises Othello; dies
Iago Ensign, an Ancient; schemes against Othello because Othello did not promote him to lieutenant; he is evil and a liar who takes pleasure in bringing down Othello
Cassio Othello’s lieutenant who is manipulated by Iago; his promotion causes Iago’s jealousy; his alleged affair with Desdemona causes Othello’s jealousy
Desdemona wife of Othello; most innocent character of the play; killed by her husband
Montano Othello’s predecessor as governor in Cypress; is stabbed by a drunken Cassio in a fight
Roderigo wealthy Venetian; he is in love with Desdemona and is manipulated by Iago
Gratiano Brabantio’s brother who, with Lodovico, sees an injured Cassio in the street
Emilia wife of Iago; she discovers Iago’s plot against Othello and Desdemona
Bianca Cassio’s mistress; jealous over the handkerchief he asks her to copy the pattern of
Duke of Venice sends a letter to Othello in Cyprus telling him Cassio will be the new governor.
Lodovicio kinsmen to Brabantio/Desdemona; does not approve of Othello’s public treatment of Desdemona (striking her); with Gratiano, finds Cassio injured in the street
Venice Where the play begins; the home of the main characters in the play
Cyprus where the setting shifts to in Act II; Othello becomes governor of this island
Turks their fleet is destroyed in a storm; the enemy of the Venetians in the play
1603 Date when Othello was first written