Othello quotes

Iago- deception VS reality I am not what I am
Iago- misogyny Look to your house, your daughter, and your bags ! / Thieves, thieves !
Desdemona- betrayal [choosing her own husband was] Treason of the blood
Iago- evil (dramatic irony) Thou art a villain
Brabantio- racist [his daughter is in] the gross clasps of a lascivious MoorRun from her guardage to the sooty bosom of such a thing as thouAn erring barbarian
Othello- love for Desdemona I love the gentle Desdemona (first sincere reference to love in the play)
Iago- betrayal Serve my turn upon him
Othello- comparison to animals “An old black ram” / “a Barbary horse” / “the beast with two backs”
Othello’s articulate speech (swords and dew) Keep up your bright swords, for the dew will rust them
Iago- coarse sexual imagery [Othello has] boarded a land carrack[desdemona is] sport for Jove/ full of game
Desdemona and Othello- love She loved me for the dangers I had passed and I loved her that she did pity themShe gave me for my pains a world of sighs[Desdemona] saw Othello’s visage in his mindI did love the Moor to live with him… let me go with him !My soul’s JoyMy fair warrior
Othello- a good man [the Moor’s] constant, loving, noble nature
Iago- opposition to love So enfetterred to her love[Desdemona can] play god with his weak function
Iago- manipulation “[he will spin a] web to… ensnare a great a fly as cassio”
Othello fulfilling racial stereotypes as ignorant as dirt
Othello honour “[he has done nothing] in hate, but all in honour”
Iago’s final words demand me nothing. what you know, you know. from this time forth I never will speak a word
Othello’s final words I kissed thee ere I killed thee: no way but this, killing myself to die upon a kiss