Othello quizzes

brabantio what is the name of desdamona’s father?
roderigo what is the name of the rejected suitor to desdamona that iago uses for his own purposes?
venice where is act 1 set
turks who are the venetians afraid will attack?
cyprus on what island will the attack take place?
magic spell, potion, drugs, etc. how does desdamona’s father say othello got her to fall in love with him?
he became lieutenant/didn’t get promotion and iago is secretly a racist give 2 reasons iago gives for hating othello
jewel what word does desdamona’s father use for her that suggests she’s a precious possession?
he is demoted from being lieutenant what is cassio’s punishment for his part in the fight with montano
Iago who says I am not what I am
iago who said look to her Moor if thou hast eyes to see. she has deceived her father, and may thee
iago who says put money in thy purse
roderigo who is iago speaking to when he said put money in thy purse
iago who says your daughter and the moor are making the beast with two backs
cassio who says oh god that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains
iago who says you see this fellow that is gone before?/he;s a souldier fit to stand by caesar/and give direction
cassio who is being spoke of in the quote you see this fellow that is gone before?/he;s a souldier fit to stand by caesar/and give direction
false only in sililoques true/false iago speaks entirely in blank verse
false went down in a storm true/false the attack that the senate feared is beaten back by the venetians in a fierce battle
true true/false iago tells montana that cassio gets drunk on a nightly basis
true iago plans to make othello jealous of desdamona’s relationship with cassio
true true/false othello tells the senate that desdamona fell in love with him for his stories of sadness and bravery
montano what is the name of the cyprus official who cassio stabbed?
bianca what is the name of the woman in cyprus who loves cassio?
hankerchief what was othello’s first gift to desdamona?
belonged to othello’s mom handed it down it has a spell on it because if you keep it in your possession your marriage will be good if you lose it your marriage will be lost too what does othello say was special about the hankerchief?
cassio who does othello order iago to kill?
jewels (except iago is pocketing jewels) what has roderigo given iago to give desdamona?
strangling her and kill her in the bed she is betraying you in you feel the life go out of them when othello suggest poisoning desdamona what does iago suggest instead?
couplet two rhyming lines
cassio (iago doesn’t want blood on his hands/ othello and desdamona are planning on going back to venice you have a chance to get rid of one person) who does iago ask roderigo to kill
iago who says she did decieve her father marrying you and when she seemed to shake and fear your looks she loved them most
brabanchio (desdamona’s father) who is being echoed in the quote she did decieve her father marrying you and when she seemed to shake and fear your looks she loved them most
green-eyed monster (green eyed monster is jealousy) fill in the missing words o, beware my lord of jealousy it is the (blank blank blank) which doth mock the meat it feeds on
iago has spent so much time to make othello jealous and he has to be calm and warn othello jealousy plays with you when iago says o, beware my lord of jealousy it is the green-eyes monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on to othello explain the irony
desdamona who sings sing all a green willow must be my garland let nobody blame him his scorn i approve
song of death loss and grief she is going to die soon explain the forshadowing of when desdamona sings the green willow song
emilia who says but i do think it is their husbands faults if wives do fall (women are going to cheat if husbands do)
false because he didnt want othello to see him he is embarrassed true/false cassio sneaks off after talking with desdamona because he doesn’t want othello to know about the affair
true true/false desdamona is the personification of loyalty and innocence
false true/false roderigo has an epileptic fit
false true/false lodovico is the duke of venice’s name
true true/false othello is commanded to return to venice
true true/false iago hints that it is common for women in venice to be unfaithful to their husbands
false because she stayed true to him and loved him to the very end true/false desdamona says she has stopped loving othello because he is so cruel
false true/false emilia says women do not have the same desires as men
true true/false desdamona seems to accept her impending doom
cyprus where are the rest of the acts set
blank verse unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter
iambic pentameter 10 syllables in a line 5 stressed 5 unstressed
2 how many syllables are in a foot?
soliloque actor comes on stage by himself and utters words all alone to talk about what is happening (in othello what evil iago is planning)
aside when actors on stage in middle of action and turns head to audience to due them in on something (desdamonda uses an aside when she arrived at the island and othello isnt there yet and iago is telling dirty jokes to try to lighten the mood and she turns to audience and says im daking being happy im just scared and nervous
rhyme scheme ABAB (every other line rhymes)
dramatic irony when we know more than what the characters actually know
situational irony when you expect one thing to happen then the opposite actually happens
metaphor comparison of two things
simile comparison of two things using like or as
prose everyday language
hyperbole an exaggeration
oxymoron two words right after another convey a whole new meaning
parodoxes in othello love/hate, youth/age, black/white, loyalty/betrayal, chastity/wantonness
1604 when was othello written