Othello Final Test

Othello commands what army? Venetian
Who joins Iago in waking Brabantio? Rodrigo
What does Brabantio say Othello used on Desdemona to make her fall in love? Black magic and tricks
Where will Othello fight the Turks? Cyprus
Who says “I’m not who I appear to be.”? Iago
Who defeats the Turks? God; the storm; the sea
What does Cassio say is his weakness? alcohol
What does Iago tell Cassio is more important than reputation? health
Who enters with the musicians? the clown
What important person from Cyprus did Cassio injure? Montano
What is the “…green-eyed monster…”? jealousy
How does Othello want to kill Desdemona? poison
Who is Lodovico? desdemona’s cousin
What does Iago insinuate to Lodovico that Othello will do again? othello will hit Desdemona again
What has Iago done with all the gold and jewelry he was supposed to have given to Desdemona? nothing, he has kept it
Who says “Oh, what a villain I am!”? Roderigo
What does Desdemona say is her only sin? loving Othello too much
Why does Othello think Desdemona isn’t dead after he strangles her? she speaks
After Emilia tells Othello “…terrible murders have been committed…” what does he blame this on? the full moon
Who is Gratiano? Desdemona’s uncle
What happened to Brabantio? died of grief
What is significant about the letters found in Roderigo’s pocket? they had Cassio’s murder planned and were full of complaints