Othello – Final Speech

“for all his dignity and massive calm… he is by nature full of the most vehement passion” A C Bradley
“pity itself vanishes, and love and admiration remains” A C Bradley
Othello is “cheering himself up” T S Elliot
“The speech conveys something like the full complexity of Othello’s simple nature, and in total effect the simplicity is tragic and grand.” F R Leavis
“The quiet beginning gives us the man of action with his habit of effortless authority.” F R Leavis
“He speaks his last words as the stern fighting man who has done the state some service… it is a superb coup de theatre.” F R Leavis
“his habit of self-approving self-dramatisation” F R Leavis
“Othello dies belonging to the world of action in which his true part lay.” F R Leavis