Othello FINAL exam

(3) How does Iago convince Othello that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio? He told Othello that Cassio was seen with Desdemona’s Hankerchief
(4) What did it mean if you were to have an epileptic seizure? you were possessed
(3) Why would shakespeare have Othello tell the story about the enchanted handkerchief? Because Othello was accused of enchanting Desdemona to love him
(4) Why is it significant that Emilia dies while singing the Willow song? Because Desdemona’s mother’s maid died singing it
(5) Why would Iago ask Bianca if she knew where Cassio was at dinner? Because he wanted to frame Bianca
(3) How does Desdemona conform to that period’s view of women when Othello confronts her? She doesn’t stand up for herself or demand an explanation
(4) How does Cassio change from earlier acts to this scene? He changes from gentleman to a man who is likely to disrespect women
(5) What does the willow song foreshadow in act 5? Foreshadows how Desdemona will die and how Emilia die
(3) What does the handkerchief mean to Othello? The handkerchief had a sentimental meaning since Othello’s father gave it to him, The handkerchief is proof that Desdemona has cheated.
(4) Why is it surprising that Cassio talked to Bianca in an offensive way? Cassio has been known to be polite to women so it is unlike his character.
(5) Why is it significant that Emilia refused to obey Iago, her husband? Because Emilia has been very obedient to Iago by not talking when Iago tells her to stop talking and by giving Iago Desdemona’s handkerchief. So, it is significant that her loyalty to Iago has changed.
(3) How does Desdemona respond when Othello asks her about the handkerchief? She asks Othello to take back Cassio
(4) What is Emilia’s response to Desdemona’s question about if women cheat on their husbands? -She says she would cheat on Iago -Wives are no different than men -It’s husbands’ faults if wives cheat
(5) What happens to Cassio at the end of the play? He becomes governor
(3) What does Othello hear Cassio say in his conversation to Iago? Cassio laughs at the idea of marrying Bianca,
(4) What is Lodovico’s reaction to Othello hitting Desdemona? He is alarmed by Othello’s actions and tells him to apologize
(5) What is the significance of the Willow song? It is foreshadowing of what is to come in the play
(3) What significance does Othello claim the handkerchief he gave to Desdemona has to him? It was once his mother’s
(4) When Desdemona is singing the Willow song to Emilia, what is the song foreshadowing? Othello will go crazy and Desdemona will be killed
(5) Does Lodovico respond to the outcome of Iago’s scheme? He is furious with Igo and makes Iago feel bad
(3) What does Cassio do to try and appease Othello? sends signers & musicians to perform under his window
(4) How does Desdemona anticipate her murder? by getting the willow song stuck in her head
(5) Why does Othello commit suicide? to kill the ‘villain’ of the story and therefore become the ‘hero’
(3) Who does Othello say gave his mother a handkerchief egyptian enchantress
Why does Iago mention that Othello was epilepsy? Because he wants Othello to be associated with witchcraft
(3) What is significant about Othello’s observation that Iago “echo’st [him]/ As if there were some monster in thy thought/Too hideous to be shown” (3.3.121-123)? Iago really does have a monstrous plan in his mind that he has revealed to the audience but no one else
(4) What is Emilia’s view on how husbands affect and should treat their wives? it is the fault of the husband if a wife cheats and men should understand that their wives have desires too
What new power does Cassio now have, as governor of Cyprus, that Lodovico informs him of at the end of the scene? the power to choose Iago’s torture and time and method of death
(5) Who calls Iago the “spartan dog” lodovico
(4) What is the importance of Othello’s seizure? to show that Othello has been “possessed” by the devil
(3) What is the significance of the handkerchief scandal? To indicate that Desdemona is committing an act of infidelity
(3) Who tells Cassio that Desdemona is arguing with Othello for him to be reinstated? Emilia
(4) Why does Cassio laugh when Iago asks him if he’d marry Bianca? because she is a prostitute
(5) What does Emilia mean when she tells Iago that she’ll ‘ne’er go home’? She’ll never respect him and not go home ever
(3) Who stole the handkerchief for Iago? Emilia
(4) What reasons does Emilia give for husbands being unfaithful? -fun -passion and lust -human weaknesss
(5) Who receives Othello’s job after he dies? Cassio
(3) What does Cassio ask Bianca to do with him in Act 3?
(4) Who does Desdemona ask for advice in Act 4?
(5) What did Iago do after the battle in Act 5?
(3) What is another name for the scene where Othello decides to kill Desdemona and Cassio? Betrothal Scene
(5) What makes Othello set out to kill Desdemona Iago stabbing Cassio
(5) Who dies while singing the Willow Song? Barbary and Emilia
(3) What does the Handkerchief represent to Othello? love and trust
(3) Why does Cassio go to Desdemona? to beg for his job back
(5) Why does Iago ask Bianca whether Cassio had eaten dinner He wants to put the blame of what just happened on her
(3) What does Cassio do to try and appease Othello? He sends singers an musicians to play music under Othello’s window
(4) Who gave Bianca the handkerchief? Cassio
What question does Othello ask Desdemona after he wakes her up? if she has prayed