Othello characters, setting, theme # 1

Othello Protagonist (Main character)General of Venice
Desdemona Wife of Othello daughter of Brabantio.
Iago -Foil of Othello-Liar, cheat, wants Michael Cassio’s jobHates Othello-Greatest Villain in English Lit
Emilia Iago’s wife and Desdemona’s attendant. A cynical, worldly woman, she is loyal to her mistress and distrustful of her husband.
Roderigo – A jealous suitor of Desdemona. Young, rich, and foolish, Roderigo is convinced that if he gives Iago enough money, Iago will help him win Desdemona’s hand.
Bianca A courtesan, or prostitute, in Cyprus. Bianca’s favorite customer is Cassio, who teases her with promises of marriage.
Brabantio Desdemona’s father, a Venetian senator. As a friend of Othello, Brabantio feels betrayed when the general marries his daughter in secret.
Lodovico One of Brabantio’s kinsmen (relative), Lodovico acts as a messenger from Venice to Cyprus.
Montano The governor of Cyprus before Othello.
Main Symbol -HANDKERCHIEF – This handkerchief is passed on to Othello by his mother, and he gives it to Desdemona as a sign of love. Taken from Desdemona by the wife of Iago, Emilia, who gives it to Iago who uses it drive Othello crazy with jealousy.
Setting Cyprus, and Venice. Late sixteenth century (1500’s) during the wars between Venice and Turkey.
Climax of Othello Confrontation between Othello, Iago, and Cassio arises and Desdemona is killed by Othello. Iago is found out and taken prisoner by the new general Cassio
Theme 1 Even innocent deception, Desdemona marrying Othello behind her father’s back, leads to tragedy. First deception undermines her credibility with Othello who now believes her capable of deceiving him also.
Jealousy Motif Iago tells Othello to watch out for JEALOUSY “the green-eyed monster that rules out the worst in men”.
man vs man conflicts Othello vs Iago, Iago vs Cassio, Iago vying with Desdemona for the loyalty of Emilia, Brabantio vs Othello.
man vs society Othello the exotic black Moor vs Venetian society. Desdemona rebelling against societal expectations to marry a venetian nobleman.
internal conflict Othello struggles as an outsider to see himself worthy of Desdemona. Concludes he is not and jealousy overtakes him.
foil a character who contrasts with another character (Iago is the foil of Othello)