Othello Characters

Othello “Moor”, main character, respected general, easy prey to insecurities, Iago twists this person’s love for their wife into powerful and destructive jealousy
Desdemona daughter of Brabantio, determined and self-possessed, pure, can’t prove to her husband she didn’t cheat and is strangled
Iago villain of the play, motives are murky, hates women, manipulates almost every character
Cassio (Michael) Othello’s second in command, after a drunked brawl loses his position and Othello’s respect/trust, Iago uses Cassio’s good characteristics to play on Othello’s insecurities
Emelia Iago’s wife, Desdemona’s best friend, distrustful of Iago
Roderigo jealous and in love with Desdemona, Iago promises him to get Desdemona and him together, agrees to kill Cassio when he begins to see him as more competition
Bianca prospitute in Cyprus, actually likes Cassio but he teases he with the idea of marraige then laughs at her behind her back
Brabantio Desdemona’s father, Venetain senator
Duke of Venice get’s Othello to tell how he wooed Desdemona, official authority in Venice
Montano governor of Cyprus before Othello
Lodovico messenger from Venice to Cyprus
Graziano Brabatio’s kinsman who goes with Lodovico to Cyprus
Clown Othello’s servant, comic relief