Othello character quotes

“I love the gentle Desdemona” Act 1 Scene 2 on Desdemona
“Keep up your bright swords for the dew will rust them” Othello advice a1s2
“I therefore beg it not to please the palate of my appetite” Court scene- Desdemona going with
“To be free and bounteous to her mind” Desdemona freedom
“I won his daughter” Desdemona the prize
“Let your sentence even fall upon my life” Sacrifice for her
“Her father loved me” Beginning of court scene speech
“of the cannibals that do each other eat, the Anthropophagi” exoticism
“devour up my discourse” Desdemona’s response to speech
“had made her such a man” Desdemona wish for exploration
“she loved me for the dangers I had passed and I loved her that she did pity them” o+d love
“This is the only witchcraft I have used” vs Brabantio
“O my fair warrior” equality with himself
“O my soul’s joy” on Desdemona
“O my sweet” endearment
“If it were now to die, ’twere now to be most happy” foreshadowing
“it is too much of joy” foreshadowing of sadness
“Iago is most honest”, “honest Iago” irony
“Are we turned Turks?” Islam irony
“on thy love I charge thee” irony
“Cassio, I love thee” brotherly love of Cassio
“Thou hast set me on the rack” jealousy beginning
“Though that her jesses were my dear heart strings” on Desdemona
“If she be false… heaven mocks itself” Desdemona the unfaithful angel
“Excellent wretch! Perdition catch my soul but I do love thee!” Foreshadow
“‘Tis not to make me jealous to say my wife is fair” Ironic jealousy
“To follow all the changes of the moon with suspicion” Women change
“Think’st thou I’d make a life of jealousy” Foreshadowing
“I had known nothing” Venetian attitudes
“I think my wife is honest and think she is not” “I think thou art just and think thou are not”
“Arise black damnation from hollow hell” wedding ceremony
“Pride, pomp and circumstance of glorious war!” act 3 big speech
“Farewell, Othello’s occupation’s gone” Tragic hero
“Handkerchief! confessions! Handkerchief!” jealousy triplet
[he falls in a trance] stage direction
“How shall I murder him?” Kill Cassio
“sing the savageness out of a bear” on Desdemona’s seduction
“would prove a crocodile” crocodile tears
“She can turn and turn… and turn again” 3x repetition falsehood
“O well painted passion!” women’s deception
“her fan, her gloves, her mask” methods of concealment
“Thou art false as hell” Desdemona disloyalty
“O brave Iago, honest and just… such noble sense” Irony on Iago act 5
“Nor scar that whiter skin of hers than snow” Irony as he will kill her
“smooth as monumental alabaster” Desdemona death statue
“thy former light restore” kill her to purify her
“justice to break her sword!” doesn’t want to kill her
“kill thee and love thee after” souls imagery
“I would not kill thy soul” protection of her
“My wife, my wife! what wife? I have no wife.” forgets her death
“She was false as water” changeability of women
“ill-starred wench, pale as thy smock” fate for her to die
“hurl my soul from heaven” lost his honour
“cursed, cursed slave” reverting to his roots
“one that loved not wisely but too well” self-eulogises
“like the base Indian, threw a pearl away” more racism
“killing myself to die upon a kiss” romantic death
Would Othello have been justified in male eyes if his wife had been guilty? Dr French
‘Othello’ is virtually a straight case of sex against love, the male against the female, who is his sexual possession but can show him what love is all about. John Bayley