Othello: before reading notes

a tragedy to suffer extreme sorrow especially as a consequence, in literature its when the main character is brought to ruin, usually learning something about himself along the way
what are the themes in Othello? jealously, race, marriage, + friendship
when the Arab armies swept across Northern Africa in the (what century?) ___________________________________________________________________ (in the seventh century) they found indigenous people called berbers
moors descendants of Berbers that intermarried with the Spanish/arab
where does the word moor come from? Latin, the word “Mauri”- which is the name of the inhabitants of an old Roman province (which is now Morocco + Algeria)
when did the moors reach the height of their power? in Spain, they controlled most of Spain from 711-1031
by 1212…. the Moorish power was broken in central Spain, but it would take until 1492 for the final expulsion from Spain
when were the Moors finally expelled from Spain? 1492
the Moors were _____________ from defeating the ________________ but _____________________________________________ the Moors were ONE victory away from defeating Europeans but like the Romans condemned their future by internal squabbles
moriscos Moors who stayed in Spain (after the Moorish power was defeated) and adopted Christianity, were regarded with little trust- OTHELLO WAS A MORISCO
because of the moriscos Arabic background ___________________ they were very strict, especially with women, there was absolutely no excuse to commit adultery and for one to do so meant death
in Europe at this time many women ________________________________ but their chances of survival were greater in _______________ than ____________________________- in Europe at this time many women were banished, forced into prostitution, or killed by angry men but their chances of survival were greater in Europe than in an Arab cultured country
what’s Othello’s background? -of royal lineage-captured and turned into a slave by the Spanish + Italians -later won his freedom + became a tremendous general -he knows nothing but violence and has little formal education- everything he knows is about the battlefield
because of Othello’s christian and Moorish background the play abounds imagery of salvation and damnation
Hecht 127 talks about how Moors were regarded similar to Jews who became new Christians, it states “regarded with a suspicion as a false christian”
Desdemona Othello’s wife + the daughter of an Italian nobleman, she is fair (white), quite pure + innocent, debate going on about whether she is naive
Iago possibly the most dangerous, evil character in major literature, yet no one but the reader knows of his intentions. He seems like Othello’s confidant when in reality he is his nightmare
Cassio Othello’s lieutenant, the person Iago is angry with because Othello picked him instead of Iago, he’s a young flirt who is very preoccupied with advancement
Emilia Iago’s wife, an abused spouse, she knows more about Iago than anyone
Rodergio Iago’s lackey, someone Iago doesn’t have to worry about his intentions being misunderstood with, weak minded + easily manipulated
Bianca a hooker who is another pawn in Iago’s game, Cassio’s mistress + because of her low social status is an easy target
Barbantio Desdamona’s father, was friends with Othello until he got a surprise, failed politician that the military has little use for
English Renaissance was started under _____________ Queen Elizabeth I
in Shakespears time only ___________ were allowed to act, and the theater and arts ____________________________ men, wasn’t well respected
Elizabethans loved ___________ and _____________ puns and insults
pun a play on words, based on words that sound the same but have different meanings
____________ is the master of puns Iago