Othello Acts 1 and 2

Roderigo Venetian in love with Desdemona. Iago promises to help him get Desdemona. Believes Iago will help him with a plan to get Desdemona.
Iago Hates Othello because he was passed over for Lieutenant. Vows that “he is not what he seems”, and he will seek revenge against the Moor.
Brabantio Desdemona’s father. He is furious about the secret marriage to Othello. Warns Othello: “She may one day betray you, as she did me.” He states he wishes he had never had a child.
Desdemona and Othello Secretly married before the start of the play.
“Black magic” Reference to Othello, the Moor, who is Muslim and from Mauritainia, in North Africa.
“heart on sleeve” Iago makes this reference–wearing your emotions so everyone will know what you are feeling. Iago will not do this–he will hide his true feelings and appear as a loyal friend to all.
“two backed beast” Reference to the act of sex, one body on top of another. Used to create thoughts of Othello and Desdemona consummating their marriage.
“black ram and white lamb” Farm animal, very base, reference to Othello and Desdemona–used to enrage Brabantio regarding his daughter’s “betrayal” by marrying Othello.
Relationship between Othello and Iago The two speak, and Othello feels he has the Duke’s blessing. The audience is privy to Iago’s soliloquy and know that Iago is “hatching” his plan.
Relationship between Duke and Othello Duke hears Brabantio’s claims against the man who “stole” Desdemona, but when he learns it is Othello–he sides with Othello and tells Brabantio he should appreciate his beautiful son-in-law. The Duke realizes that Venice needs Othello’s military expertise.
Relationship between Brabantio and Othello Brabantio demands that Othello be arrested for “stealng” Desdemona. Othello tries to be diplomatic toward Brabantio.
Duke Powerful man. He likes Othello and recognizes the need for Othello to lead the Venetians against the Turks, at Cyprus.
Iago speaks with Roderigo –tells him to sell everything, if he wants to get Desdemona. When Iago speaks to Othello, he promises to take Desdemona to Cypus, and Othello completey trusts him.
Desdemona A young woman very much in love with her new husband. She stood up to her father, explaining that she is only pledging her loyalty to her husband, Othello, as her mother did to him.
Relationship of Othello and Iago Othello completely trusts Iago. The audience has heard Iago’s plan in his soliloquy: he is plotting revenge against Othello.
“As if the strings were thine” Rodrigo has been giving Iago money for his trouble. He is angry that Iago didn’t tell him that Desdemona is marrying Othello.
What is Iago’s complaint against Cassio Iago’s main complaint against Cassio is that Cassio is an accountant and has no experience on the battlefield.His experience of the battlefield are from books.
“belee’d and calmed” when the wind is taken out of its sails on a ship.
What rank does Iago think he is Iago is Othello’s “ancient”-his flag carrier.
“preferment goes by letter and affection” and not by “old gradation” you get promoted when someone likes you, not because you’re next in line.
What kind of guy is Iago? Outwardly dutiful and devoted to serving his lord, but really looking out for himself. Instead of those who work for nothing but their food, and then when they get old they get thrown out.
Who is Janus? janus is the two face god of the romans.
Why does Othello let Brabantio complain about him? Othello is content to let Brabantio complain because he has confidence that the Duke will take his side of the argument. Also, Othello is a general and will accept Brabantio’s attacks like a man would.
What does one of the senators believe about the Turkish fleet heading to Rhodes? That the Turkish fleet heading to Rhodes is a trick to confuse the Venetian because Rhodes is worthless.
What has Othello done in his whole life? Othello has spent almost all of his life in the battlefield. He knows nothing of witchcraft and little of the world.
Why does Brabantio think Desdemona has fallen in love with Othello? Brabantio believes that Othello has enchanted Desdemona because she was obedient and loyal to Brabantio until Othello came along. Also, many noblemen have proposed to Desdemona, but she denied all of them meaning she did not want to get marry.
How does the Duke respond to Othello’s story of wooing Desdemona? He says that his own daughter would have also fallen in love with Othello too. The Duke tells Brabantio to try to accept what’s happened.
What does Desdemona say when Brabantio ask her if the marriage was a trick? Desdemona obeys her father because she is his daughter, but now Othello is her husband she has to recognize her duties as a wife.
What is the Duke trying to say? The duke is saying by being sad this causes the perpetrator to think that they have won. Continually worrying about your losses will cause more harm to yourself.
Why does Desdemona reject staying at Brabantio’s house? She accepts herself as being disowned. she doesn’t want to upset her father by being in his house.
What does Brabantio say to warn Othello? Desdemona lied to me and she might lie to you too.
What does Iago say to Roderigo? We control who we are. In this case, he is telling Roderigo to prepare himself for when Desdemona becomes available.
Why does Iago believe that his plan to bring down Othello will work? (1) Because Othello will trust everything Iago says. (2) Because Cassio is good-looking and young, so it will be even easier for Othello to make doubt against Desdemona.
Desdemona’s father is? Brabantio
Which character recruits Iago to woo Desdemona for himself? Roderigo
Who does Othello allow to bring Desdemona to Cyprus? Iago
What event delays Othello’s arrival on Cyprus? A storm
How does Cassio feel about Desdemona? She is a good, honorable woman
Which of these best summarizes Iago’s views of women? They are needy, dependent, and nagging
What is Othello NOT insecure about? His position and rank
Why are Roderigo and Iago arguing when the play begins? Roderigo paid Iago to help him woo Desdemona and it hasn’t worked
What does Iago cite as a reason he should be Lieutenant? His experience and the fact that others recommended him
Who has been promoted over Iago? Cassio
Why is Brabantio initially skeptical of Roderigo’s accusations? He has told Roderigo to stay away from Desdemona
What does Iago claim about Desdemona and Othello? They are having sex
Which island are the Turks attacking? Cyprus
What does Brabantio accuse Othello of? Using black magic on Desdemona
How did Desdemona fall in love with Othello? By listening to his stories
To whom is Desdemona most loyal? Othello
What does Iago suspect Othello of? Sleeping with Emilia
What happens to the Turkish fleet? It sinks in a storm
What does Cassio do to inspire Iago’s plot? Hold Desdemona’s hand
How does Desdemona react to Iago’s beliefs of women? She plays along
What does Iago convince Roderigo to do? Fight with Cassio
What does Iago do to Cassio? Gets him drunk
Who does Cassio stab? Montana