Othello acts 1

What did Iago do to make sure he would be Othello’s Lieutenant?why didn’t it work? Got three recommendations from high standing peopleSomeone else (Cassio) got the job
Why is Iago against Cassio being the lieutenant? he’s never fought in a waronly book smart ladies man not a mans man
If Iago is angry with the moor (othello) why does he continue to serve him? He wants to be a servant for himself
What does “I am not what i am” mean (Iago) he’s two faced
Why doesn’t Brabantio believe Rodrigo and Iago when they tell him his daughter has been taken by Othello? Why does Brabantio check after all? He thinks they are drunk Rodrigo says you can punish him if he’s wrong
Why does Iago think that Othello won’t be in too much trouble for stealing B’s daughter? because they need Othello in the war right now
Why does brabantio wish he’d now given his daughter to roderigo? Rather have an idiot white man than a black man
Iago pretends to be Othello’s friend. Why isn’t othello worried about Rodrigo or his wife’s father, who has great power. Because he has done a lot for his country/in wars he is in love
Why is it perfect that iago would invoke the god Janus’s name? Janus is to faced like Iago
While talking to Cassio what reason does Iago hint as to why Othello would marry Desdemona To get more wealth and status by inheiritance
Brabantio wants to send othello to jail to answer to a charge he has charmed Desdamona with magic. What keeps him out of jail? he’s in war already
why doesn’t Brabantio care that the turks army is about to invade cyprus? why does he say his daughter is dead to him? Because he’s more concerned with his daughterhis daughter chose othello over him
Why is brabantio convinced that witch craft was used? because he couldn’t see her choosing a black man to marry
why does othello who speaks well say he is rude or not good with speech especially if its not about war he wants to lower their expectations and flatter them
How does brabantio describe his daughter shy, scared of othello
Why does Othello ask desdemona to come speak so she can testify that he isn’t using witchcraft and so that she can back up his story about how they fell in love
What “Magic” did othello use to woo D? why does he say he fell in love with her his stories about warshe took pity on his stories
When desdemona has to speak why is she in a tough spot choose between father and husband
Why is B glad he doesn’t have any children besides D? He would chain them up bc D betrayed him
The duke tries to encourage B to move on. Why isn’t B moved by what the duke says? Because he compares it to the duke loosing to the turks
why does D want to goes with othello to fight? why does O say she won’t be a distraction? so she can see the war stories he’s her husband he is a focused and good soldier
what insult does B hurl at O before he leaves? He has a deceptive wife
How old is Iago 28
R threatens suicide. what reasons does iago give for R to forget about suicide? women can be easily replaces your in control of your life R lusts not loves
Why does Iago keep telling R to fill his purse or make money? so that he can gain money by tricking R into thinking I will get Desdamona for R
Why does Iago believe the unfounded rumors that O is sleeping with his wife? How will he set up Cassio and Othello to fight? Iago hates women and wants to do something bad. he will say Cassio slept with D