Othello Act V, Scene I

Ambush Cassio What Iago gets Roderigo to do.
Roderigo gets wounded What happens when Cassio is attacked?
Iago wounds Cassio’s legs and runs away What does Iago do to Cassio?
Othello Who hears Cassio call out murder and thinks he is being killed?
Praises him What does Othello do when Iago agrees to kill Cassio?
Iago Who kills Roderigo?
Kill Desdemona What does Othello plan to do next?
To cover up the plot to kill Cassio Why does Iago kill Roderigo?
Desdemona Who does Iago blame for the conflict between Cassio and Roderigo?
“The fruit of whoring.” On what behaviour does Iago specifically blame the trouble betwen Cassio and Roderigo?
The result of sleeping with many men is trouble. What does ‘the fruit of whoring’ translate to?
No Does Iago tell his wife the truth about killing Roderigo?
If the situation does’t go as Iago hopes that night it never will. Why is this the climax of the play for Iago ?
“This is the night that either makes me or fordoes me quite.” What line indicates that this is the climax of the play for Iago?