Othello act summaries

Act 1 Scene 2 – Iago warning Othello that Brabantio may use his influence to arrest him and break up their marriage- Othello is confident that his royal breeding, status and reputation make him worthy match of Desdemona- Cassio brings a messsage from the Duke, urgently calling Othello for emergency- On the way Brabantio and his followers accost Othello- Othello tells them to put down their swords for the ‘dew will rust them’ – Denies Brabantio’s accusation of bewitching Desdemona- Brabantio goes to the council meeting to inform the Duke of Othello’s treachery
Act 1 Scene 3 – Othello told to prepare for war against Turks after invasion of Cyprus- Brabantio repeats his accusations of witchcraft against Othello – Othello recounts his relationship with D- Duke approves the liaison – D asks to accompany Othello – Brabatnio warns Othello against trusting D- Iago says he will help Roderigo seduce D and cuckold Othello
Act 2 Scene 1 – Turkish fleet is destroyed by a storm – all characters arrive safely at cyprus- Iago dislikes the courteous way Cassio greets Emilia and D (plans to use this against her later)- Othello is overjoyed to reunite with D (‘O my fair warrior’)- Cassio loses his temper- Iago reiterates desire to revenge Cassio and othello
ACT 2 Scene 2 – Peace is restored in Cyprus- Night of revelling and celebration for marriage
Act 3 Scene 1 and 2 – Cassio hires musicians to sernade Othello and D but Othello sends a clown to pay the musicians to leave- Iago diverts Othello’s attention – Cassio speaks to D alone and Emilia agrees to help- Othello sets out to inspect fortifications w/ Iago at his side
Act 3 Scene 3 – Desdemona pleads with Othello to reinstate Cassio- Iago poisons Othello’s mind against Cassio – hinting that he commited adultery- Othello becomes jealous- D drops her handkerchief – Emilia picks up gives to Iago- Othello demands proof of adultery- Iago talks about time when Cassio called out for D in his dream and has been wiping his beard with the handkerchief- Iago kill cassio, promotes Iago- Kill desdemona – Othello
Act 3 Scene 4 – Desdemona asking the clown where Cassio is – tell him she has pleaded for him- Uneasy about losing handkerchief- Tries to promote Cassio’s cause- Othello is angry because he believes she has lost the handkerchief- Biana gets hanky
Act 4 Scene 1 – Iago torments Othello with crude images of D’s infidelity, the handkerchief = fit – Questions Cassio about Bianca- Sees Desdemona’s handkerchief in Bianca’s hand thinking D’ must have given ito to C as a love token, Othello vows to murder his wife- Cassio is to replace Othello as general- Othello strikes D
Act 4 Scene 2 – Othello questions Emilia (who says she is true but O won’t believe her)- Confronts D trying to get her to confess – D defends her honour- Offers Emilia money and leaves in disgust- D appeals to Iago- Iago persuades Roderigo to help in his plot to kill Cassio
Act 4 Scene 3 – Sends D to prepare for bed- Emilia says she wishes D had never met Othello- D still loves him- Sings a melancholy song
Act 5 Scene 1 Roderigo tries to wound CassioRoderigo is wounded by Casio insteadIago stabs Cassio in the leg (Othello, hearing cries, spurs on his own revenge)Lodovico and Gratiano attend to CassioIago kills RoderigoBianca – accused of killing CassioRoderigo discovered and Iago sends Emilia to inform Othello and D
Act 5 Scene 2 – Desdemona sleeps in her room – Othello explains he will kill her then kisshes her, thus waking her- D weeps when Othello tells her Cassio is dead- Othello smothers her- Emilia is horrified – D revives briefly to say she caused her own death- Montano Gratiano and Iago appear- Iago denies Emilia’s accusations of villainy – stabs her- Othello – anagnoresis, Iago won’t explain his actions so he kills himself