Othello Act II Questions

A terrible storm destroys _________ the Turkish Army’s fleet
Iago convinces Roderigo that Cassio will _______ lose his reputation if he fights
While Cassio is on guard duty, he is made _______ drunk and provoked to fight
Othello dismisses Cassio for _______ fighting with Montano
Iago advises Cassio to regain favor by ______ pleading with Desdemona
What happens to the threat of a Turkish invasion of Cyprus? the threat disappears as all of the Turkish ships were destroyed in a storm
What nonliteral purpose does the storm play in the story? allows Shakespeare to focus on the drama between Othello, Iago, Cassio, and Desdemona. Eliminates a possible plot complication
Why does Shakespeare move the action of his play from Venice to Cyprus? Venice is very sophisticated, whereas Cyprus is more relaxed and wild… allows for the crazy plot to develop without problems
How does Montano react to the news that Othello is about to take his place as governor of Cyprus? Montano is happy and pleased. Thinks that Othello is a worthy man and honored to give his position to him
What do Cassio’s actions in Act II, Scene I tell us about his character? Cassio is a very touchy-feely person, especially when it comes to women… Iago notices this and wants to take advantage of it
What judgements does Iago pass on women in his conversation with Desdemona and Emilia? What is the purpose of his statements? states that women are all faithless and never satisfied with what they have. This showcases Iago’s character and his terrible attitude
What happens during the meeting between Roderigo and Iago at the end of Scene I? Iago fully explains his plan and reasonings in this meeting… wants to frame Cassio and play to Othello’s jealous nature… believes Othello slept with his wife
How does Iago bring about Cassio’s dismissal? he convinces Roderigo to provoke a drunk Cassio and start a fight. Hurts Montano and Othello finds out
How does Iago manipulate Cassio after the lieutenant’s humiliating dismissal? convinces Cassio to appeal to Desdemona for Othello to reinstate his position. Will make it seem like Cassio and Desdemona are together
How does Shakespeare develop the theme of illusion and reality in Act II? Iago’s deception and twisting of the events that are actually occurring into something that benefits him… Iago is inventing a false world for Othello