Othello Act II

What happens to the threat of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus? The turks are destroyed by a storm before they could even get to Cyprus.
What nonliteral purpose does the storm play in the story? It is what will later come into the play.
Why does Shakespeare move the action of his play from Venice to Cyprus? So all the characters are released from the influence & authority Venice had over them, giving them independence.
How does Montano react to the news that Othello is about to take his place as governor of Cyprus? Montano was glad because he believes Othello is worthy & able to govern Cyprus.
What insights do we get into Cassio’s character from his actions in Act II, scene 1? Cassio is a brave & kind man who admires, respects and is very loyal to Othello and Desdemona’s beauty & charm.
What judgements does Iago pass on women in his conversation with Desdemona and Emilia? What was the purpose of his statements? Iago believes women are hypocritical & don’t speak their minds. His purpose was that women pretend to be good housewives when all they want is sex.
What happens during the meeting between Roderigo and Iago at the end of scene 1? Iago was trying to convince Roderigo that Cassio has a thing for Desdemona but Roderigo tried standing up for Cassio saying he was just being polite, but convinced him to start a quarrel with Cassio later.
How does Iago bring about Cassio’s dismissal? Iago decided to council Cassio after his dismissal.
How does Iago manipulate Cassio after the lieutenant’s humiliating dismissal? He wanted him to seek Desdemona’s help to get back his position as Othello’s lieutenant.
How does Shakespeare develop the theme of illusion and reality in Act II? Jealousy is one of the worse emotions a person can feel. It’s like a disease that propagates itself.