othello act I

What kind of English does Shakespeare write in? Early Modern English
When was Othello first performed? 1604
What do the following words translate to: thy, thine, thou, thee, thyself, ye your, yours, you, you, yourself, you (plural)
What endings were given to past tense verbs? “en”
What endings were given to present tense verbs? “eth”
What endings were given to past perfect tense verbs? “est”
Who formed the basis of Othello? Cinthio Giambattista Giraldi
What does the word “moor” refer to? People of black descent
Where does Othello take place? Venice, then Cyprus
Where does Act I take place? Venice
Why did Shakespeare set his stories in Italy? Because he didn’t want to criticize his own land of England, so he had more freedom to say what he wanted
What did Venetian women have a reputation of? Being promiscuous
How to cite Shakespeare? (ACT.scene.line#)
Characteristics of moors culturally ambiguous, refers to someone “different”
Stereotypes of moors jealous, easily angered, used magic, did not practice a religion
Why is Othello not African-American? America didn’t exist!
Around what age is Othello? In his 40s
How old is Iago? 28
What is Cassio’s position? lieutenant
Around what age is Desdemona? 15-16
Othello to Brabantio friends
Iago to Othello works under him, hates
Iago to Cassio (how does he feel toward him and why?) hates (he lacks experience and gets ahead without trying)
Cassio to Othello works alongside him
Brabantio to Roderigo (how does he feel toward him in the beginning of Scene I versus the end?) hates, but would rather have Desdemona marry him rather than Othello by the end of Act I.
Desdemona to Othello married
Roderigo to Iago partners (not really friends… have a working relationship)
Desdemona to Brabantio daughter
Why does Iago hate Othello? He hates that Othello put Cassio before him, and he believes that Othello slept with his wife.
Why is Othello accepted by society at the end of Act I Scene iii? He converts to Christianity and he is useful to society
What names is Othello referred to as before he is named? Thick-lips, the moor, the devil, a Barbary horse, old black ram
monologue a one person speech (Othello’s speech)
soliloquoy when one person speaks directly to the audience for a purpose (Iago’s speech)
blank verse unrhymed iambic pentameter, spoken by people of higher status
prose regular speech, spoken by people of lower status that are angry
couplets two rhymed lines infrequently spoken -by people of education and respect
Why are Iago and Roderigo friends in the beginning of Scene i? Because Roderigo pays Iago to help him win over Desdemona
How do Iago and Roderigo develop their friendship by the end of Scene iii? Iago wants to work with Roderigo to take down Desdemona (but really, Othello)
meaning of “an old black ram is tupping your white ewe” a racist and offensive way to say Othello is sleeping with Desdemona
meaning of “the devil will make a grandsire of you” Othello will make Brabantio a grandfather
meaning of “I am not what I am” signifies that Iago is going to lie and be dishonest in order to get what he wants, and he isn’t where he deserves to be in Othello’s eyes
What is Iago going to tell Othello once he finds him in Scene ii? To inform Othello that the Duke is coming to arrest him
What is Iago’s main purpose of finding Othello Scene ii? To further blind Othello from seeing his true plan, and to stir the pot
Why is Othello angry when Iago shows up? He has yet to consummated his marriage with Desdemona, which means that it could still be annulled.
Why is Othello sure he will not get in too much trouble with the Duke? well-known and respected
What news does Cassio bring when he interrupts Othello (talking with Iago now) and Desdemona? there is a war beginning in Cyprus
What is Brabantio’s first reaction when he hears about Othello and Desdemona? he does not believe it
What does Brabantio believe that Othello did to his daughter in scene ii? Believes Othello put a spell on his daughter since she was anti-marriage before she met him
What is the difference in Brabantio and Othello’s purposes for visiting the Duke? Brabantio – to tell the Duke about his daughter, and to possibly get him arrestedOthello – to help with the war effort of Cyprus
In act iii, which two empires fought? the Turks (Ottoman Empire) and Cyprus
What does Othello’s monologue in scene iii reveal about his relationship to Desdemona? They trust each other, and Othello loves her so much that he would risk his life her
Why did Desdemona fall in love with Othello? She fell in love with his fantastic tales
What does Othello say in his speech that is untrue? He is illiterate; he tells fantastic stories and has a long monologue
How does Desdemona entice Othello? Desdemona flirted with Othello, saying if he had a friend who could tell his stories, she’d love that guy.?
How does Desdemona respond to her father? Desdemona says she loves her father, but just like her mother, she must love her husband more than her father.
Why does Desdemona choose to trust Othello over her father? Like her mother trusted her father, she must trust her father
How does Brabantio react? What important thing dos he say to Desdemona? He is angry; he says that he’s glad he didn’t have any more children because he would make their lives miserable because of her.
If Othello goes to Cyprus, what does Othello want? Desdemona? Othello – for Desdemona to be taken care ofDesdemona – to go with Othello
Who does Othello choose to escort Desdemona to Cyprus? Iago
When Brabantio exits scene iii what does he warn Othello about? Says that he should watch his back, that Desdemona will deceive him
How do the senators and the Duke describe Othello? valiant
Why does Roderigo want to kill himself? he is lovesick over Desdemona
What does Iago tell Roderigo to do? “put money in thy purse” and promised him that Othello will get over Desdemona since moors have “changing ways”
What does Iago reveal about his plan at the end of scene iii? he will suggest to Othello that Cassio had an affair with his wife, and he hopes to ruin his life