Othello Act 5 Scene 2

How is Othello acting at the beginning of this scene? He is calmHis bloodlust is quieted
Does Othello kill Desdemona for revenge? No
Why does he kill her? He kills her for a cause- infidelity”It is the cause”He believes she will do it to other men
What does Othello tell Desdemona to do? Why? He tells her to pray because he thinks she will go to hell
Why is Othello sacrificing her? He is sacrificing her for her infidelity Because she was unfaithful, she must die
What is Desdemona saying in lines 73-76? She is trying to tell Othello that she didn’t do it
Who interrupts Othello? Emilia
What is an example of poetic license in this scene? Desdemona comes back to lifeShe blames herself
Who realizes that Iago is lying? EmiliaShe is stunned
What is Emilia saying in the line “May his pernicious soul, rot half a grain a day” She is done protecting her husband
Does Emilia go home when Iago tells her to? No
Who kills Emilia? Iago
What is a failure in Iago in this scene? Iago knows everything about everyone, but he fails to know everything about his wife who exposed himNot a close marriage
Who tells Othello the truth? Emilia
Who tries to kill Iago, but he runs away? Othello
Does Iago regret anything he did? No”I bleed, sir, but not killed- boasting
Does Iago ever tell why he did it? No