Othello Act 5, scene 1

Iago Tells Roderigo to stab Cassio, as Cassio walks through a corridor–stick your sword out and stab him. Iago waited in the area, and when Roderigo misses Cassio, Iago stabs Cassio in the leg. Iago retreats and when others hear the commotion, Iago returns, acting as if he has just arrived on the scene.
Roderigo Listens to Iago and attempts to stab Cassio, but he is wearing armor. Roderigo is stabbed by Cassio, and when Iago realizes Roderigo is still alive and could reveal his treachery, he kills Roderigo.
Cassio Stabs Roderigo and he is wounded by Iago.
Othello Has no real knowledge of the events that have taken place between Cassio and Roderigo. He asked Iago to kill Cassio–and he hopes this has taken place.
Gratiano/Lodovico Men who call attention to the injuries of Cassio and Roderigo.
Bianca She is worried and concerned about Cassio. Iago tries to place suspicion on her–somehow,she must be involved.
Emilia Iago sends her to go tell Othello and Desdemona what has happened to Roderigo and Cassio.
Iago’s Plan Audience now sees that Iago is willing to get his “hands dirty” by physically attacking characters for his plan. Previously, he has only told lies, but now Iago will physically hurt people.