Othello act 5 quiz

sword Iago gives Roderigo a _____ to kill Cassio
stab Cassio enters the scene and in all the darkness Roderigo tries to _____Cassio, but he avoids the thrust and wounds roderigo
stabs Iago arrives and _______ Cassio in the leg
finds Roderigo, pretends he doesnt know who he is and stabs him Iago says he’s going to go look for Cassio’s assailant, but
Bianca Iago tries to blame the whole situation on?
Roderigo the man no one saw him stab Iago then pretends to discover
Roderigo was Cassio’s assailant Iago pretends to be surprised when he finds out that
said by Iago who’s dead and who’s alive (Cassio hurt, roderigo dead) “he’s almost slain, and roderigo dead”
said by Iago this is the night that will either make or break everything works out/or falls apart “this is the night that either makes me or fordoes me quite”
said by Othello saying he will not be violent when he kills Desdemona, no blood “I’ll not shed her blood, nor scar that whiter skin of hers than snow”
said by Othello first put out the light of the candle then put out the light that represents Desdemona “put out the light, and then put out the light”
prayed tonight representing that he still cares and wants God to forgive her sins before he kills her Desdemona wakes and Othello asks her if she
said by Desdemona saying she didn’t do anything wrong but she’s still afraid “since guiltiness i know not, but yet I feel I fear”
its the first time Othello confronts her and clearly states whats going on when Othello brings up the handkerchief to desdemona
smothering her with a pillow Othello kills Desdemona by
said by Desdemona and how she stays loyal until she’s dies still protecting Othello and thinks she did something to cause her own death “nobody. i myself. farewell. commend me to my kind lord. o, farewell.”
said by Othello, his confession the he killed Desdemona “she’s like a liar gone to burning hell, twas i that killed her”
othello’s suspicion filled in the blanks Iago admits that he suggested that Desdemona was cheating on othello but
his daughters marriage Desdemona’s dad (Barbantio) is dead over
Emilia tells him that she herself stole the handkerchief and gave it to Iago the truth starts to come out about all of Iago’s lies about the handkerchief
Iago avoids the stab but, stabs his wife instead Othello is so furious that he draws his sword and runs to stab Iago but
he starts to feel regret Othello starts to realize what he has done and asks himself what happened to Othello?
and he succeeds but Iago still isn’t dead Othello gets the chance to stab Iago
Said by iago claiming that he will not speak another word “from this time forth i never will speak word”
-one letter said that roderigo was told to kill cassio-the other said complaints about Iago and what he did to roderigo Ludovico finds 2 letters that Roderigo had
cassio rules in Cyprus Othello looses his position and power and will be a prisoner until everything is known in venice and now
said by othello calming that he wasn’t smart about his love and he loved her so much and let his emotion get the best of him he wants Ludovico to tell the truth about what happened to the people in venice “of one that loved not wisely, but too well”
cassio has to deal with Iago and Gratiano gets everything Othello kills himself
Lodovico who is the last person to speak in the play?
Roderigo,Desdemona, Emilia, Barbantio, and Othello who is dead at the end of the play?