Othello Act 5 Questions

How would Iago gain from Roderigo’s death? Roderigo’s death would prevent anyone from ever learning of Iago’s lies.
What happens when Roderigo attacks Cassio? Who actually wounds Cassio? When Roderigo attacks Cassio, they are both wounded. Iago wounds Cassio.
What does Othello assume has happened? Othello assumes a fight has happened.
After Bianca appears, what new part of his plot does Iago begin in Scene 1? Make everyone think it’s an accident and to be able to see what is happening with othello.
Who will get the blame for the attack on Cassio if Iago has his way? Roderigo will get the blame for the attack on Cassio if Iago has his way.
What justification does Othello try to give the murder of Desdemona in Scene 2? That the handkerchief was with Cassio.
How does Othello kill Desdemona? What interruption occurs while he is doing it? He Smothers her, Emilia knocks on the door.
Whom does Desdemona blame for her death? Desdemona blames herself.
How is Desdemona faithful to Othello to the end? She says she killed herself.
What happens when Iago tells his wife not to speak and to go home (orders which good Renaissance wives should follow without question)? He kills his wife.
What is Emilia’s reaction when Othello tells her that Iago has revealed Desdemona’s affair with Cassio to him? She is mad and tells them what Iago had planned and tells them about handkerchief.
Why does Othello attack Iago? Because he finds out that Iago has been lying to him.
What is Othello’s reaction to having his sword taken away? He is weakened because his sword represents his manhood.
Why does Othello kill himself? Othello kills because he’s sad and misses desdemona and thinks he has no reason to live now.
How do Roderigo’s pockets conveniently help to clarify much of what has happened? Because his pockets have letters explaining the plan on it.
What happened to Othello, Iago and Cassio in the end? Othello killed himself, Iago was imprisoned and tortured, and Cassio became “Lord Governor”.