Othello Act 5

A5. What is Iago’s plan for Cassio? to have Roderigo kill Cassio in the street
A5. For what two reasons does he say he wants Cassio dead? to fulfill his plans and get him out of the way
A5. Iago also feels he will benefit if it happens that Cassio kills Roderigo. How can he benefit from that? T=then he wont have to deal with Roderigo’s persistance for the money
A5. What saves Cassio? the jacket he was wearing, including the guards
A5. Why does Roderigo say to Iago, “O damn’d Iago! O inhuman dog!”? because Iago betrayed Roderigo and stabbed him
A5. Why is it necessary for Grantiano and Lodovico to be present at all times if they weren’t there Iago would have easily killed Cassio
A5. What is the meaning of Iago’s aside at the end of the scene tonight’s deeds will make his fortune or doom
A5. From his soliloquy that opens scene 2, what would you say is Othello’s mood? he is much calmer about the situation, but still unsure about everything
A5. Why does Othello say, “No; heaven forfend! I would not kill thy soul.”? he wants Desdemona to make peace with heaven for her sins before he kills her
A5. As Desdemona tries to convince Othello that she is innocent of what he accuses her, she breaks down and weeps at what news? she finds out Cassio is dead
A5. How does Othello interpret her weeping he thinks she is weeping for the dead Cassio
A5.Before she dies, Desdemona tells Emilia that she has killed herself. Why do you think she does not say that it was Othello who killed her? she is trying to protect him from punishment
A5. Why does Emilia repeat the phrase, “My husband!” three times she cant believe that her husband would say Desdmemona was unfaithful
A5. At this point, why does Othello draw his sword on Emilia she insults Othello by saying Desdemona’s marriage to Othello was her biggest mistake
A5. Bravely, because Othello might easily kill her at this point and because her own life may be at risk, Emilia defies Othello. Why? she loves and remains loyal to Desdemona
A5. Iago tells Emilia to go home, but she refuses. Why is he telling her to leave, and why does she refuse? sago knows that she will tell the truth of what happened, and she wants to prove to Othello that killing Desdemona was for no reason
A5. After Emilia dies, Othello gets another sword. He tells Gratiano, who is guarding him, that Gratiano does not have to worry about Othello trying to escape. Why not? othello plans to kill himself
A.5 Othello admits to planning Cassio’s murder with Iago. Cassio is shocked to hear this, since he has done nothing to wrong Othello. What is Othello’s response? othello believes Cassio and demand that Iago explain why he committed these deeds
A5. What is Othello’s request of Lodovico? he wants him to describe Othello as “one that loved, but not well”
A5. Othello kills himself, and Lodovico and Gratiano prepare to return to Venice. What will be the future for Cassio and Iago cassio will be the governor of Cyprus, and Iago is condemned to be tortured to death
soliloquy when a character gives a speech when no one else is on stage
aside a comment made by a character on the side or under their breath