Othello Act 5

What is Rodrigo’s reason for killing Cassio? It’s just another man that he won’t have to compete against for Desdemona’s love.
Who wounds Rodrigo? How is Cassio wounded? Cassio. Iago comes from behind and attacks him in the leg.
Why does Iago order Bianca to go with him? Iago orders Bianca to come with him because he thinks she’s lying and she needs to explain herself.
Where does Iago order Emilia to go? He tells Emilia to go and reveal what has happened to Othello.
Why does Othello feel like he must kill Desdemona? He feels like he’s protecting other men, if he lets her live she’ll betray more men.
As Othello approaches Desdemona in her bed, he talks of light, what is the meaning of this? -Put out the candle, easy to relight.-Put out her life, impossible to revive.
Why Othello ask Desdemona if she has prayed? Because he won’t kill her without her being cleansed, she needs to confess her sins.
How does Desdemona attempt to reason with Othello? She asks for one more hour, kill her tomorrow, tells him to ask Cassio and he’ll tell you it didn’t happen, if he really loved her he wouldn’t do this.
What are Desdemona’s final words? She said that nobody had killed her, she did it herself.
At what point does Emilia fully realize her husbands involvement? She fully realizes her husbands involvement when Othello tells Emilia that Iago had told him that Cassio had slept with Desdemona, and he said that he knew everything.
How does Emilia demonstrate her loyalty to Desdemona? Emilia reveals the truth about Othello killing Desdemona to the other men.
What information does Gratiano reveal about Brabantio? Gratiano reveals that Brabantio has died of grief.
When Iago is captured, what does Othello call him and what does he do? Othello calls him a devil and he wounds Iago.
What are Iago’s final words in the play? He says “i’ll never say a word more”, he refuses to speak at all.
Two letters are found on Rodrigo. Describe each letter? 1. Instructs Rodrigo to kill Cassio. 2. A list of complaints that he meant to give Iago about Iago’s behaviour.
What information has Rodrigo revealed to Cassio and the other men? Right before he died he revealed that Iago had been the one to kill him.
How does Othello wish to be described in Ludovico’s report? He asked to be described exactly as he was, he loved maybe not wisely and a little too much, not easily made jealous, but when provoke would lose his marbles, he had a “pearl” (Des) and threw it away.
Who is to determine Iago’s punishment? Cassio is to determine Iago’s punishment.
List 5 characters that die, and explain how each dies? Desdemona (smothered by Othello)Emilia (stabbed by Iago)Othello (stabbed himself)Rodrigo (Iago stabbed him from behind) Brabantio (died of grief)