Othello Act 4 Study Guide

What is Othello suffering from in the beginning of scene 1? A seizure
How many seizures has Othello had? 2
What does Iago say while Othello is seizing and why is this important? Iago says his medicine is working. He says this while Othello is in the room so it’s a bold move bc Othello could hear him.
How does Iago get Cassio to say he is sleeping with Desdemona? They talk about Bianca
What is Cassio doing with Bianca later? Having dinner
How does Othello want to kill Desdemona? Poison
Iago tells Othello he should kill Desdemona by doing what? Strangling her
Who is Gratiano? Brabantio’s brother
Who is Lodivico? Desdemona’s cousin
What does Lodivico hand Othello? A piece of paper from the Duke and the Senators of Venice
What does the paper say? It says Othello will return to Venice, Cassio will take over in Cyprus
Does Venice know Cassio was fired? No
What does Othello do to Desdemona? He hits her
What does Lodivico ask Iago? Is Othello always like this?
What does Iago reply? Things have changed, watch him
How does Emilia respond to Othello asking if Cassio and Desdemona are together? She says they are not together, Desdemona is being honest
Does Desdemona know Othello thinks she is cheating with Cassio? No
Why does Desdemona think Othello is upset? She thinks Othello thinks Brabantio is behind Othello being sent home
Which side does Desdemona take? Desdemona says she stands with you (Othello) and not with her father
What does Othello call Desdemona? A w****
Why does Othello give Emilia money? Bc she’s the brothel keeper who waits outside the door while Desdemona and Cassio are together to warn them if someone is coming
What does Desdemona ask Emilia to do? Put her wedding sheets on the bed and get Iago
Why are the wedding sheets important? It shows that Desdemona telling Othello she is faithful to him bc those were the sheets she lost her virginity to him in
What does Emilia say to Iago that puts rumors to rest? She tells Iago that she never slept with Othello
How does Roderigo feel about Iago? He is fed up with Iago bc Desdemona still doesn’t like him
What gift did Roderigo give to Desdemona? He gave her jewels
Who actually gave the jewels to Desdemona? Iago says he gave them to her
What is Roderigo going to do with the jewels now? He is going to ask for them back from Desdemona
What happens if the Desdemona doesn’t give them back? Then he will kill Iago, bc it is clear Iago never actually gave them to her in the first place and Iago’s a scammer
What does Iago tell Roderigo about Othello leaving? He says Othello is leaving with Desdemona, so he will probably never see Desdemona again if this happens
Iago tells Roderigo to prevent Othello from leaving by doing what? By killing Cassio
What does Iago tell Roderigo he can do if he doesn’t have Desdemona by tomorrow night? He says Roderigo can kill him
Why does this convince Roderigo to keep listening to Iago? Iago has set a date, so things will have to happen
What does Emilia tell Desdemona about Othello? Emilia tells Desdemona she wish she (Desdemona) never met Othello
What does Desdemona reply? I disagree
What does Desdemona ask Emilia? Are there women that cheat on their husbands? Would you cheat on your husband?
What is Emilia’s response? She says she would cheat on her husband if it meant she got the whole world, bc then she could make her husband the monarch of the world. Basically, she would cheat on her husband bc it would benefit him in the end.
What does Desdemona pray to learn? She prays to learn chastity rather than adultery from bad husbands
What does Emilia say about husbands and wives at the end of scene 3? She says it is the husbands fault if their wives makes a mistake
What does Emilia say about wives? They can forgive, but they also want revenge and are just as smart as their husbands
What are the reasons Emilia gives for why husbands cheat? 1) for fun2) for affection3) human weakness
What does Emilia say about women cheating? She says women have passions and want to have fun too, and if men cheat, why can’t women?